30 April 2012


The first thing is, how weird is the word 'outtake?' I can't stop looking at it, and it's freaking me out slightly. So I will move on...after having an afternoon session at looking through all my photos I realised I have SO many I have never posted, that never really made the cut. So I thought why not post them all together...


I have a story to tell. Not a very exciting one, but one none the least. On Friday I decided to get my cards read. Now this isn’t really my thing, but I have always been intrigued. I have heard interesting stories before, so I went for it. My little mind conjured up an image of a middle aged woman, with crazy hair, wearing clashing colours, and even with a suspicious looking mole on her face. My mind even wandered off into the world of Harry Potter...but surprisingly the lady was pretty normal, apart from the stubble on her chin, so I rolled with it.

I was told to pick 3 cards, and she went about her business of making assumptions, with all I answered no. I was giving nothing away; I didn’t want to give her one scrap of information which she could use. She can’t pull a fast one on me. After some jibberish about paperwork and that someone had to be very careful with their work {which I put down to Si being at home working on his Tax return} to later find out he was having a mad moment and pulled out the computer plug in a day dream losing all off his work so far {I did laugh}I also found out that someone near to me is having slight money problems {isn’t everyone}someone close to me is having life problems {again, isn’t everyone} and that I should go with my gut feeling with a decision. WOW. That was worth paying £15 for. So overall I had a bit of a laugh, but my opinion still stands, I don’t really believe in it all.

 Go on then, prove me wrong, who has had a good reading???

29 April 2012

a sunday morning

okay, so I seemed to have not blogged all week. I blame the weather. First of all it's made me want to curl up in a blanket and watch stupid amount of friends re-runs and secondly, well that would be no fun to blog about. Apart from a family meal out last night, my weekend is being spent cuddled up in the warm, and dreaming of sunny Australia {only 17 days to go}

22 April 2012


Top - Primark / Skirt - Primark / Belt - New Look / Shoes - Faith (old)

(and please excuse the random pencil on the floor, like really?)

So it was my 24th Birthday yesterday, and I was the lucky girl who was taken out on Friday night by Si, to find he had arranged a lovely surprise meal with friends. {this is what I wore ^) we dined at a cute little tapas restaurant in the lanes in Brighton called Casa Don Carlos. I had always wanted to go, and it is perfect when you have a group of friends together to try out lots of dishes. I managed to eat way to much and food and just a tad to much sangria. It was a perfect night out with my close friends and Si. (so thanks to everyone that came)
So yesterday was my actual birthday and I spent the morning opening pressies, indulging in breakfast in bed and dancing to one direction on the bed. Honestly there is no better way to start your day. We then went into town and spent the afternoon mooching around the lanes, and eating far to much Italian. I also have to mention that for some un beknown reason I ended up finishing my birthday watching The Human centipede. My friends, this is a sick, sadistic and, well plain disgusting film. I do not want to go into it, so if you don't know what it is, I suggest you google it. So other than that my birthday was AWESOME. Here's to the next one...

20 April 2012

24 for 25

As Earlier mentioned, I have decided to put together a list to complete before I'm 25. So here we go...

  1. Take a photography course
  2. Visit 3 different countries - Australia
  3. Take a midnight picnic
  4. Finish my holiday scrapbook
  5. Grow my own vegtables
  6. Make some homemade gifts for Christmas
  7. Start a tradition
  8. Take a bike ride over the Downs
  9. Start to learn French
  10. Take a photoshop course
  11. Kayak in the sea
  12. Join the Library and use it
  13. Get a full body massage
  14. Watch Jersey boys in the West End
  15. Use the laundrette like in films
  16. Take a weekend cottage break
  17. Buy a bus saver and travel around Brighton for the day
  18. Go fruit picking
  19. Take a spontaneous road trip
  20. Re-read all Harry Potter books
  21. Go Zorbing
  22. Take Si on a surprise trip
  23. Go camping
  24. Try a starbucks latte

wish me luck

17 April 2012

a new office

We have had our house now for just over a year, and we brought it as a doer upper. This was always our dream, as Si is a carpenter, and I just wanted to get my hands on a project. Our house is now pretty much finished, so I thought I would share with you one of the rooms. 
Our spare room/office/wardrobe, as we like to call it, is the smallest bedroom and I decided to turn it into a wardrobe/office. Originally we painted the walls, Si made a wall space for the clothes, and I sorted a little messy desk area. But the other week after scrolling through pinterest I decided to transform the office area. I did it all in one night, and took inspiration from the web, and what I had to hand. So have a look for yourself.

This is the picture I had from before, and it was all a little cramped and messy for my liking. My favourite feature is my memory pin board. I just pin tickets, pictures etc to it every time we do something. I have now moved it to another room so it is less cluttered.

and this is the after....

I popped up to Asda and brought a storage jar for £1 to use as a pen holder

and I had some picture frames lying around that I had bought cheaply and was waiting to use them. I then used inspiration from all over the internet, and made my own textography pictures, by using picnik. 

I bought some fake flowers for a pop of colour, and I cut out an advert from a glossy mag for my version of cheap art.

I had some spare blackboard paint, so made up a little blackboard {that's when a carpenter comes in handy for all the spare wood lying around}

So that' s a little glimpse into my new, minimalistic office space. 
What do you think?

16 April 2012

harry potter studio tour

So last weekend I was treated to an afternoon at Harry Potter world by my friend Harriet, for my birthday. Let me tell you I was just a little bit excited. I am a HUGE potter fan, since the day I first read the books, so I was so excited to see how the magic was brought to life. It was surreal seeing all the sets, and how small they actually where. I was like a kid in a candy shop, I was in my element. I took about a million pictures, but I have put a selection up so you get the drift. Since then I have pestered Si to watch the films with me, as he isn’t a fan. So after a lot of puppy eyes he finally gave in and we started our Harry Potter marathon over the weekend. We are now six films in, and I am delighted to say that Si is now a major fan. Hurrah! Watching the films again though, and knowing certain secrets, and how scenes where created made me see the films in a whole different light. If anyone is a fan I urge you to go along. All the info is here. Now I can't wait to get home tonight and watch the seventh film!!

12 April 2012

just a few little snippets...

...from the past few weeks, which mainly involves food and drink. I actually find myself taking pictures of all my dinners, much to Si's annoyance, who just wants to tuck in. I use the instagram app {as does everyone, I know} but was wondering if anyone uses anything different, and can recommend any good apps. I'm rubbish at the whole app thing, and only have the basics, and draw something of course.

Today is also a very good day for moi, as I finally get some company on my lunch break. If I haven't mentioned I practically work on my own, so I am a loner for the majority of the day, but today is my lucky day. Si is only working up the road, so I am off to meet him on our lunch breaks {I'm a teeny bit excited} as it's about to rain, I think I will get treated to a lunch date in the car, how terribly romantic.

11 April 2012

royal biscuits

Okay, so according to myself, Si, my friends and all my family these are the best biscuits EVER. Even Prince William served something similar at his wedding reception. Now I have no idea if the same recipe was used, but this recipe has been passed down to me from my gran, and she named them Pralines. Now I am no expert but I'm pretty sure these aren't pralines {or if they are please enlighten me, it might just be a Scottish thing} so after racking my brains for another name, I have aptly come up with 'Royal cakes' {don't sue me though if there is another cake under this name}
So anyway, I begin...

8oz chocolate {baking or normal}
2oz castor sugar
2oz drinking chocolate
4oz margarine
2oz dried milk
2 table spoons syrup
1 table spoon vanilla essence
1 cup of raisons
1/2 ib rich tea biscuits

This recipe is easy peasy, just make sure you have everything measured out before getting started.

So here we go-

1. Break biscuits into small crumbly pieces in a bowl
2. Add the raisons and vanilla essence. Mix everything around
3. Melt the marg, sugar, syrup, with the drinking choc and dried milk, until you have a smooth mixture
4. Add to the biscuit mix
5. Roll the mix out in a tin 1/2 inch thick {cheats tip, I use a plastic bag over my hand to press the mix down}
5. melt the chocolate and then spread over the mixture
6. Leave in the fridge for 30-45 mins, or until set.
7. East those bad boys up. 

Let me know what you think :)

10 April 2012

an idea

Dress - H&M / Jumper - New Look / Shoes - New Look

These photos where actually taken last week when we had unseasonably warm weather, however this week we where back to rain, clouds, and well more rain. It makes me laugh how the minute the sun comes out, we raid our wardrobes for last year’s summer dresses and we get out our whiter than white pins. We Brits are suckers for the sun. Any-hoo, I have been on a major thinking spree lately, about the whole, ‘what’s life about?’ ‘what career path shall I take?’ etc, etc and quite frankly my brain is getting all muddled and confused and keeps shouting out WAY to many options that it’s reducing me to a big-crumbling-mess. Urrrgghhh. So I am going to sit down, clear my mind and compile a 24 for 25 list, to complete before I’m 25 {yer, do you get it?} I have seen this done on many blogs, and I love the idea of having my goals and dreams written out. So, my birthday is only 2 weeks away, so I must get scribbling.  

Has anyone else tried this?

9 April 2012

a few from easter weekend

This weekend has been filled with way too much time on our hands. Si took the bank holiday off as well, and we got to spend 4 whole days together {today still being one, and we have no idea what to do} The great British weather has, of course, given us a weekend full off the cold and rain, with only a splash of sun on Friday.

We haven’t been up to a great deal, lunching out, eating rubbish, catching up on the current season of Homeland {please tell me someone is also watching this? I am loving it so far} and redesigning my office space {photos to come} my dreams also came true thanks to my bestie Harriet. She took me to the newly opened Harry Potter world for my birthday {which is in a few weeks} so I will post my pictures later in the week.

So I am off to rack my brains with what to do today. I am thinking baking, Harry Potter and bowling…we will see. 

5 April 2012

how i'm starting the bank holiday...

... late night shopping up ASDA, eating lots of junk food and staying up all night watching Season one of Homeland. Cos that's how we roll in the Sumon household.