30 November 2011

back to reality


Coat – Topshop / Jeans – Miss Selfridge / Scarf – Topshop / Boots – Topshop / Bag – H&M
I’m back {did you realise I had even gone?} I have returned from a quick weekend break to Edinburgh for Si’s birthday. I woke him up at 4.30am Saturday morning with a cup of coffee and a cheeky smile, to surprise him. I only told him where we were going when we reached the airport. {I told you I am a good girlfriend} So we spent the weekend strolling around the shops, checking out all the pubs, and eating far too much. All in all I think Si enjoyed his 24th birthday, I know I did. The only problem is coming back to reality. I can’t believe just one day off, sets you completely of track. But now that we are back the Christmas shopping and New Years Eve planning can commence...


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27 November 2011

top five {girlie Christmas present addition}

Yes, I am afraid to say, but Christmas is literally just around the corner and it’s time to start the buying the presents for your family and friends. But no fear, I have compiled 5 girlie gift ideas for you to feast your eyes on. They are simple, cute and most importantly, not too expensive. So if you are stuck for some ideas for your mum, sister or secret Santa, then just click on the pictures to purchase.

If you have any more ideas for presents, then please let me know.

1.      This trinket box is a cute stocking filler, or can be used as a little extra present for not much more dollar.
2.      This style guide has everything; anyone needs to know about fashion, and is a good keepsake.
3.      I actually personally own these lip balms {received in my stocking} and they are charming, vintage and smell gorgeous.
4.      I know not everyone enjoys baking, but to learn from the best is surely impressive. The pictures and easy descriptions will make anyone want to take up baking.
5.      The diary for life. {or so they say} I sturdy life journal to keep all your memories and thoughts over your life. It comes across well presented, and an original idea.

25 November 2011

a thursday night

What better way to spend a Thursday night than an evening stroll through the Brighton Lanes, taking in the pretty Christmas lights, and popping into the cute shops open late? We stumbled across a late night Christmas opening at Jack Wills and indulged in free cupcakes and real ale, whilst wishing we had the money to splash out on some new winter woollies. It’s the first time I have been into town since the lights have been put up, and there is no place more magical than Christmas in the Lanes. Last stop had to be, a cosy, warm pub to kick back around the log fire. Bliss.  

23 November 2011

saturday afternoon bake off

What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon, than having a bake-off?!?!
As we were invited round the rents for a roast the following day, we decided to make dessert as our contribution. Si was intent on making Tiramisu {which I don’t like} and I fancied making a cherry cheesecake. So we got our baking hats on, made a lot of mess, and whipped up some tasty treats. It was Si’s first baking experience, and I think he liked it. Can’t wait for the next one...

21 November 2011

Travel series: New York

As my little blog didn’t exist at the beginning of the year, I never got the chance to post about my Trip to New York. So I am sharing some of my favourite photos from our 3 day trip {we then flew on to Las Vegas, so I have more pics to come}
When we left for our travels, we were in the middle of refurbishing our house, so it was amazing to leave it all behind and get away for the week. It was the most tiring holiday I have ever been on and I don’t think I have ever walked so much in my life. But it was unquestionably the best holiday I have ever been on {so far} and I can’t wait to explore the rest of America.

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16 November 2011

highs and lows

Afternoon tea, I just can’t get enough of it. We decided to be civilised and grown up {cough cough} and celebrated Zoey’s 24th with a trip to The Grand Hotel, along Brighton seafront. We also had baby Freddie in tow, for his first {of many} girlie gatherings. The mellow sounds of the piano played in the background, whilst we caught up on the gossip, sipped tea and ate bundles of cakes. I had just about got over my awful hangover from the night before, so scoffed down plenty of cucumber sandwiches and scones.

No Sunday run for me this weekend though {slaps wrist} I was incredibly hung-over and the thought of eating, let alone moving was enough to make me feel sick. I blame the restaurant/bar we ate in the night before. No seriously I do. I was going to post a review about the evening’s meal etc, but it was so terrible, so I will post a quick rant. We ate in Madame Geisha, down the lanes in Brighton.

We did bear in mind we booked under a Groupon voucher, but, you still expect your food to be cooked, right? After waiting a time for our starters, they brought us over a complimentary cocktail {our 3rd of the night} due to the delay in our food. When our mains finally came out, we took a few bites, and then I spotted a huge piece of pink chicken in my Thai green curry. We noticed Si’s meal was the same, so we immediately sent them back {the first time I have ever had to do that in my life} round 2 came. Pink again. We couldn’t actually believe it, so we refused to have the food or anything else for that matter {bear in mind, I wouldn’t normally say boo to a goose, as I don’t like confrontation or complaining} so they obliged and took the food away. We had a problem though, normally you would just not pay for the food, but we had already paid via Groupon. So we reached a solution that we would swap the food for alcohol, and ended up partying in the bar/club section with free cocktails, shots and bottles of wine, ON AN EMTPY STOMACH. Urrrghhhhh, I did not feel good when I got home or in the morning. So, yes I do blame the restaurant {you believe me right?} I leave you with some life advice that I hope you carry with you from now on...
1.      DON’T eat at Madame Geisha, Brighton
2.      DON’T drink on an empty stomach {I can’t believe no one ever told me before}

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15 November 2011

Top Five {winter food addition}

If you have read my previous posts you will know that I am slightly obsessed with getting into the full winter spirit, and embracing all the winter foods. So why not post about it, ey?
I have put together my current top five winter recipes for you to indulge in {courtesy of the good old internet} so please just click on the pictures to follow the link to the full recipe.

p.s my current favourite has to be the summer-in-winter chicken. It is sooo quick and easy, and tastes divine.

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11 November 2011

run, jog, walk

Jacket- H&M / Jumper- Primark / Shirt- H&M / Jeans – Miss Selfridge / Hunter Wellies

Nearly my second week of marathon training done {phew, only 22 to go} is it wrong to say I am slightly enjoying it? Yer, I suppose it is, especially as the runs are only short at the moment. We are only doing a couple of 3 mile runs in the week, and a longer run {currently 6/7 miles} at the weekend. Poor Si, I keep telling him to keep going, but he has to keep waiting for me wheezing away, and complaining about my painful ears {seriously I can’t be the only person on the planet that suffers from terrible earache from the cold and the wind whilst running? Am I?} I fear that for the next 5 months are lives are going to just be taken up by running, running and more running. Our runs will have to be longer, meaning more time out of our precious Sundays. I still haven’t decided if I am running for a charity yet, as we do also hope to cycle the London to Paris bike ride next year, {oh dear, I definatley just put that in print} so we may save donations for that event.
Who knows?
Anyway bring on the weekend, for more tea and scones, birthday gatherings, baby holding, meals out and, yes more running. Peace out.


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9 November 2011

Tea and Scones anyone?

So as I stated in my earlier post, my Sunday was just awesome. Yes, I also stick by my statement even though I completed my first 6.5 mile run in the morning {go meeee} the afternoon was filled with an afternoon country outing to visit Pooh bridge. Now, bear in mind we have a week of Marathon training behind us, and a 6 miler done that exact morning, our legs weren’t feeling the best, so we weren’t too happy when we found ourselves lost, with no idea where the sodding bridge was. We ended up walking a couple of miles regardless of seeing any of the Winnie the Pooh sights. We gave up as it was getting darker and ended up in Piglets cafe indulging in some good old tea and scones.
We ended the day with a homemade roast and a CSI Miami marathon, where I informed Si our child will now bear the middle name of Horatio {aka,Legend}

{rrrrrr, look what I may Si do. He’s a good boy}
p.s Si promised to take me back one day to find Pooh Bridge and finally play Pooh sticks.
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