12 April 2012

just a few little snippets...

...from the past few weeks, which mainly involves food and drink. I actually find myself taking pictures of all my dinners, much to Si's annoyance, who just wants to tuck in. I use the instagram app {as does everyone, I know} but was wondering if anyone uses anything different, and can recommend any good apps. I'm rubbish at the whole app thing, and only have the basics, and draw something of course.

Today is also a very good day for moi, as I finally get some company on my lunch break. If I haven't mentioned I practically work on my own, so I am a loner for the majority of the day, but today is my lucky day. Si is only working up the road, so I am off to meet him on our lunch breaks {I'm a teeny bit excited} as it's about to rain, I think I will get treated to a lunch date in the car, how terribly romantic.

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