30 July 2012

I love you weekend

oh yes, I do, especially when I get to spend it with my favourites and generally having a right old laugh. Friday night brought the start of the Olympics (which I must add I am obsessed with) where we watched with Pimms, pizza and happy, happy faces.
On saturday the girls and I travelled to London for a well deserved night out, and a long overdue catch up.

We headed out in Clapham, which involved far to much drink, falling over and dancing till 3am in the morning.

We woke 4 hours later, with dry mouths and banging heads, so headed out for our hangover cure.

When that didn't work, we tried again with the best scrambled eggs from Brew.

Feeling slightly better, and very full we cheered on Britain in the woman's gymnastics, before heading home.

(obligatory train platform shot)

To then come home and find the world ending, or Voldemort and the death eaters coming to get us muggles. (something like that)

So all in all, not a bad weekend (but lack of photos to prove)

The end.

25 July 2012

out and about

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I LOVE Brighton in the summer. It was another gorgeous evening so we went for a stroll down the seafront, and had to go onto the pier for the first time this year, for fairground games, donuts and to end the night watching the sunset from the beach.

I do believe I will be seeing you again this evening Mr beach.

24 July 2012

and we finally got to eat dinner outside

HALLELUJAH (I actually just spelt that correctly on the first attempt. Go me.)

I am sure we were not the only ones to grab the patio furniture, don the sunglasses, wine and sit in the garden for the evening, it’s nearly the end of July people, and this is the FIRST time we have been able to sit outside for dinner. I have been dreaming of this day for many a month, the appropriate dinner was stored away in the depths of my brain, waiting for this very day to come.
maker gif

For your own epic summer garden dinner you will need.

Cherry tomatoes
Salsa/sour cream/guacamole
Rice/potatoes to serve (optional)

It is so easy and quick, and you can of course mix it up as much as you like.

Cook the chicken and add whatever flavour you wish. I added a little drop of jerk sauce to add a little flavour, but you can add whatever you please.

Fry the tomatoes for 5 minutes to get them nice and soft, and then you are good to go. Just grab some wine, music and settle in for a night relaxing in the garden.

23 July 2012

10 things

Dress - New Look / Shoes - Primark

Being able to wear a summer dress for the first time since I returned from Australia and NOT taking a jacket out, you know, just in case.
Eating homemade big macs, gossiping and watching baby videos with my little sister (my gosh was I bossy)
Spending an entire morning working my butt off at the gym, and loving it...
...But not loving it the day later. 45 minutes of kettle bells can really do a number on ya.
Being on Auntie and Uncle Duties for a full 24 hours! I take my hat off to all you mummies and daddies out there, it’s pretty full on.
Taking alternative driving routes through the countryside instead of the motorway and wishing that one day we might call ourselves country bumpkins.
Taking the kids to the farm and watching in delight at their amazement at all the animals (or am-inals according to the 2 year old)
Finding the energy to tidy the house top to bottom for our little guests, and wishing we could always keep on top of it.
Having my third allergic reaction of the week, due to handling the kid’s duvet cover, where the cat had previously been sleeping on. It is only just sinking in that I may not be able to stroke a cat again.
Finishing the weekend of with a traditional pub roast with friends (that’s what Sundays are made for, surely?)

How was everyone's weekend then?

21 July 2012

happy weekend

The sun is out, we managed to have breakfast in the garden (for the first time) and just been for an epic workout. We are now on Auntie and Uncle duty for the rest of the weekend, so wish us luck...

20 July 2012

an end to a week

1.waiting to go out 2. a rare blue sky 3. watching the olympic torch with friends (and please excuse my 'allergic reaction eyes' I had been rubbing them all-day-long) 4. flowers for the house

I don't know if it's just me, but at the moment I find the weeks just fly by, and the weekends just as quick. I always LOVE to have a jam packed schedule, you know, making the most of my time, doing fun things and seeing family and friends, but lately time is just passing me by. It is getting towards the end of July now, HOW ON EARTH HAS THAT HAPPENED? And I still feel I haven’t achieved half as much as I wanted to. I can't help thinking that I will be 25 next year, and it is going way too quick for my liking. I have tried many things to try and get things done, like my 24 for 25 list, summer list and resolutions but time just comes around so quickly I hardly get anything done.

Does this happen to anyone else, if so, HELP me?!?!

19 July 2012

ozzie travels

ahhh, Brisbane. It was a pleasure to come across your beautiful city, full with cosmopolitan charm and sophistication. We only spent 2 whole days here, but finally the sun shone, and it was actually warm on the skin. A feeling I hadn't felt in a long time. We took Brisbane in our stride, and enjoyed the scenery of the south bank, and the botanical gardens whilst lapping up the sun and getting stuck in to a good old book (or kindle in my case)

I loved Brisbane, and if I had to pick a place to live in Oz, I would have to pick here.

p.s not many pictures where taken, due to unforseen circumstances (cough cough* sunbathing)

(other posts - Sydney, Fraser Island, Byron Bay)

17 July 2012

bad times

Top - Topshop / Skirt - Primark / Belt - Topshop / Shoes - New Look

Don't let these photos fool you people. There I am without a care in the world, I had just finished my picnic in the car (yup, the car, as it was blowing a slight hurricane gale outside) which was scrummy by the way. We even treated ourselves to a 99 just so we could close our eyes and pretend that we were sitting in our swimming cossies and lapping up the summer sun (this is what it has come to Mr Sun) anyway, only a few hours later I discover that I am in fact allergic to cats. WHAT? How did this happen? I have been around cats my whole life, I even had one for a bit, and suddenly I have the itchy eyes, runny nose and rashes. So help a brother out? How could this happen? One day later and I still look like I’ve been poked in the eye .Damn kitten.

update - I made the mistake of going to my friends house the day after who has FOUR cats, yes four. Silly mistake as I have just spend the last 3 days getting over it. Gunky, red eyes and a constant runny nose is not a good look my friends.

14 July 2012

I got my hair did

top, necklace, shoes -New Look / Jeans - H&M / Shoes - 

well last week I did
and I thought it's about time I showed it
(or the fact it is the first time I have bothered to style it)
It was time for a little change, but no doubt I will be blonde again in 6 weeks time!
So thanks Harriet (my bestest, who Is training as a hairdresser) 
until next time.