17 April 2012

a new office

We have had our house now for just over a year, and we brought it as a doer upper. This was always our dream, as Si is a carpenter, and I just wanted to get my hands on a project. Our house is now pretty much finished, so I thought I would share with you one of the rooms. 
Our spare room/office/wardrobe, as we like to call it, is the smallest bedroom and I decided to turn it into a wardrobe/office. Originally we painted the walls, Si made a wall space for the clothes, and I sorted a little messy desk area. But the other week after scrolling through pinterest I decided to transform the office area. I did it all in one night, and took inspiration from the web, and what I had to hand. So have a look for yourself.

This is the picture I had from before, and it was all a little cramped and messy for my liking. My favourite feature is my memory pin board. I just pin tickets, pictures etc to it every time we do something. I have now moved it to another room so it is less cluttered.

and this is the after....

I popped up to Asda and brought a storage jar for £1 to use as a pen holder

and I had some picture frames lying around that I had bought cheaply and was waiting to use them. I then used inspiration from all over the internet, and made my own textography pictures, by using picnik. 

I bought some fake flowers for a pop of colour, and I cut out an advert from a glossy mag for my version of cheap art.

I had some spare blackboard paint, so made up a little blackboard {that's when a carpenter comes in handy for all the spare wood lying around}

So that' s a little glimpse into my new, minimalistic office space. 
What do you think?


  1. This is so lovely and gorgeous, this is what I want when I get my own place :)
    I love doer uppers :)

    Laura xoxo

  2. wow it's absolutely gorgeous! x

  3. I can't tell you how similar this is to my office space and I also bought a doer-upper with my fella...so many parallels! It looks lovely though - a clock and a chalk board are perfect finishing touches.

  4. You have shared nice pictures collection of office interior and things. Its really amazing.

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  5. Absolutely love the simplistic chic about this office, it looks like it would create such a peaceful atmosphere to get some good hearty work done.

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  6. pretty nice, when i used to work from home my room was alway very massy. thanks for sharing.


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