28 May 2012

Guest post: charlottes web

My next lovely guest post comes from Charlotte. I love reading her effortless posts about Britain, books and romance. Maybe we have another Carrie Bradshaw on our hands??

Hi! I am.. Charlotte from Charlotte's Web
By day I work as… a Copywriter for a big ad agency, though my dream job would be to work in magazine journalism, or to write a book. Truth be told, I kind of like what I do, but I loathe where I work.
I studied… Journalism
When I was growing up I wanted to be… A journalist.. I'm getting a little predictable here ;)
Before that I wanted to be a nurse, until I realised I don't deal well with blood.. I don't think I would have done too well in that field because of that problem. Same issue when I wanted to be a vet. Booo!
I got into blogging by… being very bored at work one day. I started off by reading a lot of blogs, and then I started my own. This is my second blog, the first one lasted around 6 months before I moved on. Charlotte's Web still seems to be going strong, but we shall see!
The thing I love most about what I do is… Being able to talk about whatever I want, whenever I like. Nowhere in real life am I permitted to discuss my cats so often. If I can't see people rolling their eyes at my crazy cat lady antics that means it hasn't happened.True story.
My favourite animal is.. my cat, Colbie. In a wierd 'I'm-a-freak' kind of way, the little brat is my world. She is extremely closely followed by the rest of my pets. I love them all equally, but she is a bit of an obsession, being my first child and all.
And if I could have any pet in the world it would be.. a hedgehog, a mole, a badger, an Akita or a Bengal kitty
I couldn’t live without… passion. And english breakfast tea. (seriously, tried to give it up once.. very bad week for everyone)
On my iPod right now is… 'Time to say goodbye' by Katherine Jenkins. Is that cringey? It is isn't it? I just love singing along to it for some reason.
Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery.
This time next year I’d like to be… Living in London, doing a job I love. Maybe engaged? I'm all for a verrrry long engagement!

21 May 2012

Guest post: Gossip Hound

To start of my guest posts I present my good friend Zoe, who I have know since junior school. She is an amazing writer and currently works as a news and feature writer, but dreams of being a fashion writer. My mission is to make Zoe step up her blogging duties over on her site 'The gossip hound' and get herself out there in the crazy world of blogging. So will you help me persuade her? but have a sneak peak of the workings of Zoe first...

As Suzi is sunning herself on Bondi Beach, making love to a koala bear or maybe even scuba diving in the barrier reef, she suggested that I might want to do a guest blog post for her in her absence.

So this past week, a few things have caught my eye and I couldn’t not share them.
Firstly, I’m not a huge fan of exercising, especially when it doesn’t involve dancing in a nightclub surrounded by hordes of sweaty partygoers, but I came across this website and thought it was a great idea. City Jogging Tours  invites you to take a tour of the capital with a twist. Running past Big Ben and jogging along the Embankment, the unique tours take you round London with an experienced runner giving you the chance to visit all the top sites and get fit while you do it!

Secondly, this blog is written by a schoolgirl who is causing quite a stir by taking pictures of her daily school dinners. Guaranteed to ruffle a few feathers, she is giving his meals a score out of ten before uploading them for the world to feast their eyes on. Just when Jamie Oliver had thought he had seen the last of potato crockets and turkey dinosaurs.

Lastly, the big fashion thing of the week for me has been the discovery of this fantastic website virgoslounge. I was pointed in its direction by my good friend Harriet, who was at first a bit dubious to pass on the address as it is such a fab find! But as soon as I checked it out, my shopping list just got longer and more expensive; there are so many gorgeous pieces on there.

Another style hit for me this week was when I came across this brilliant idea. This special fashion prediction website has been specially designed to help avid fashionistas keep on top on the latest colour trends. Tiny cameras were installed in the fashion capitals of Europe, Milan, Paris and Antwerp and trained to detect the passing shades to help determine which colours are worn most often. I think it's a genius idea!

18 May 2012

my favourite blogs

While I am away I thought I would share some of my favourite blogs out there in the blog-o-verse. These are my go to, daily blogs. Some are very popular blogs anyway, so you probably already follow them, but here we go...

Julie at 'sincerely Jules'

Everyday this fashionista pops up with her effortless, Californian style. Can I be more like her please?


Katie at the 'Pencil Box'

I love Katie's creativeness with her photo's and how she has this lovely little family that she shares with her amazing photography.


Sydney at 'The Daybook'

Who doesn't like this blog. With her funny tales, gorgeous outfit posts and not forgetting her new little addition, baby Everett.


Rosie at 'The Londoner'

If you want delicious recipes, places to go in London, or to drool over her wardrobe and her amazing get-aways, then this blog is the one for you. But be warned you will be hooked ever more.


Elsie is able to pick anything and make it in to something special. This blog includes recipes, tips, DIY, fashion and personal stories all thrown together to create this special creative space with amazing ideas.


Naomi at 'the rockstar diaries'

An adorable insight into parenthood and married life. Their family is the cutest.


Carrie at 'wish wish wish'

The outfits, the photos, the dreaminess. Everything about this blog screams classic British.


This blog is perfection. There is nothing more to say.


Charlotte at 'Charlottes web' (guest post to come)

This is a very relatable blog, with her favourite things and funny storys and not forgetting good old romance.


a gorgeous girlie, gorgeous blog, and gorgeous picutres. (style crush alert)

So I think that will do for now, but PLEASE share your favourites in the comments, as I am always on the search for new blogs, new or old.

16 May 2012


Bag - H&M
Bracelets - H&M and New Look
Jeans - Topshop (similar)
T-shirt - H&M
Shoes - New Look

I had to grab my chance to take these pictures. The sun actually came out, can you believe. Well enough about weather and all, I'm off for a little trip to the other side of the world, and I leave TODAY. So I had best love you and leave you whilst I soak up the rays, cuddle with kangaroos {I'm pretty sure you can't actually do that} put a shrimp on the barbie and other stereotypical ozzie stuff.
I promise to have an amazing time, and to bring back lots of photos and videos to share.

I leave you with a few guest posts over the weeks, and I hope you all have an amazing few weeks.

14 May 2012

a few off...

A girlie afternoon


summer food


Birthday girl


my love


a bowling date


flower power

spots and apples

all we need is to jump

Brighton love

A few from the last few weeks that make me smile. I hope everyone has a great week!

11 May 2012

Style stealer

What's better than looking through all the fashion blogs, and then stealing your favourite looks and re-creating them yourself? I found this post really fun to do, and as I don't normally shop online, I for once enjoyed scrolling through pages and pages of all these pretty clothes. So with the help of Chiara from 'The blonde Salad' I give you her style stealer...

10 May 2012

in between

Shirt - Topshop (similar)
Top - New Look 
Leggings - Topshop
Boots - New Look (similar)
Bag - ASDA (similar)
Necklace - H&M (similar)
I'm struggling big time at the moment for something to wear. I have packed away the majority of my winter clothes, and have been purchasing spring and summer clothes ready for summer and my holiday, so I am stuck in the middle with what's left. To have a bigger wardrobe, right? I don't normally wear heels but went a little out of my comfort zone, but I am not going to lie, it's not for me. I would much rather walk normally in a pair of flats. That's what growing up as a tomboy does to you I suppose.

on a side note - please stop raining now. please.

8 May 2012

counting the days

Jacket - Zara (similar)
Top - H&M (similar)
Jeans - New Look
Shoes - Faith (similar)

I have to confess, I struggled big time to get out of bed this morning. One extra day off and you are sent into total holiday mode. I must say three day weekends should become law, it makes total sense. And while we are at it, siestas should be obligatory and everyone should finish early on Fridays. ‘Suzi for Prime Minister I say’
So on a non political note how was everyone’s weekend? It rained non-stop down in these ends, and as we are quickly approaching our holiday, we mostly stayed in and played the ‘let’s not spend any money’ game. {It’s a tough game though}
But only 8 days till my holiday, EIGHT DAYS, 8 days. 8888888.

7 May 2012

my fave

I am just looking through my photos from the last month, and this is my favourite for a while. It was taken on my birthday, and it instantly brings back memories and feelings. It's a keeper and will probably end up on my wall.

Happy bank holidaying my friends x

4 May 2012

a few things

just a few things from the last few weeks...
and tonight I will be mainly eating Pizza, and catching up on lost cuddles from the past few nights!

Have a lovely weekend!