27 February 2012


Did anyone else notice that big bright thing in the sky over the weekend? Again I think I over estimated how hot it actually was, I don't think I should of got the pumps out just yet, but it was actually a lovely day {for feb}
Brighton is so gorgeous when the sun is out, and a walk along the seafront is always in order. It's got me so excited for spring now {hurry, hurry]
Hope everyone's weekend was tremend!

22 February 2012

we should do this more often

how was everyones pancake day?

I literally couldn't wait to get started, so I got up at 6.30 and prepared pancakes for breakfast. Seriously one off the best ways to get you out of bed in the morning and to get your day started. I swear Si and I didn't even say a word to each other until we had scoffed it all down. We went for American pancakes, and although they might not look that pretty they taste A-MAZING. Check the recipe out here, and promise me that we should eat pancakes more often and not just once a year.
Who cheated then and bought a ready-made mix? or did you all make your own?

21 February 2012

hurry up spring

        I love pastel

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Sorry I just can't resist imagining my spring/summer wardrobe. Where are you Mr sun, we need you down here pronto.
Thank you.

20 February 2012

happy monday

I hope everyone has a lovely week

17 February 2012

my new blues

jeans - New Look / T-shirt - All Saints / Blazer - H+M / Necklace - New Look

I know winter is nearly over {hooray} and all those spring/pastel colours are being thrust in our faces, but I just couldn't resist some 'new blues' in my life. Enter my new blue skinnies picked up whilst I was passing time on my lunch break. Now I just need to purchase these, these and these

16 February 2012


jeggings - New Look / Shirt - Topshop / Jumper - H+M / Watch - stolen from Si / Glasses - Karen Millen

This week just keeps getting better and better {apart from that little thing called work that just happens to crop up on a daily basis, cruelly taking up the majority of my day and ruining my lay ins *sigh*} but we have been making up for it in the evenings. First my amazing Valentines evening and the fact that I booked half a day off work to spend with Si, which really was just an excuse so I could use my new teapot {yes, an old school teapot with a spout, how could anyone not be impressed by that? okay only me then}
Moving on...

So last night we went to the amazing Ben Howard concert at a wonderful intimate venue in Brighton. To be honest I could have stayed at home and listened to my album, as I couldn't see him at all {thanks tall man, standing right in my face} and he sounded EXACTLY like the record. Okay, so obviously it was a million times better than staying at home, like a loser in my onesie, listening to the album, sipping on my warm ribena, in fact I was at a gig, a cool gig at that. I had a cider in my hand, and an annoying girl behind me that persisted in stating how much she loves him in a 'OMG, I love Justin Bieber, he is a god, ahhhh, marry me, ahhhhh' style every 5 minutes. So all in all, it beats the sofa at home.

p.s yes, I am in desperate need to get my roots done *ashamed face*

15 February 2012

3 years

I really did have one of the best days yesterday, it was also our 3 year anniversary, so really that's what we were celebrating. We have never really done a lot in the past, last year consisted of a trip to Wickes to purchase installation {Si is ever the romantic} as we were in the middle of refurbishing our house, so to be honest I wasn't holding out much hope. But I had a fantastic day, filled with love and laughs. Si took me out as a surprise to a gorgeous, yet expensive restaurant in Brighton called Havana, and I really did have the best day ever.

So I toast these past 3 years together as the best years of my life, and I look forward to all our adventures together in the future.

14 February 2012

13 February 2012

so...does this make me a fashion blogger?

top/dress - Primark / Cardigan - H+M / Skirt - H+M / Necklace - Urban Outfitters

So, last month when I sat there nursing my 'food baby' from the HUGE amounts of Chinese takeaway we ate to celebrate the year of the dragon {a cunning plan I know} I stated that I would not have another Chinese until the next new year. Well I am ashamed to say that after much persuasion {or none in this case} that I shamelessly caved in and devoured vast amounts of food with the girls {hello, return of the food baby} it was perfection.

Also, much to my embarrassment I staged my first mini photo-shoot in the wonderful scenic surroundings, off my back garden. Yes, I was nervous and very cautious off my nosey neighbours, but oh well. I have a plan in place for a big fashion segment in the month of March, so keep posted for more info.

How was everyones weekend then? 

6 February 2012

girl time

I spent the weekend in London with my lovely jubbly friends for 'Harriet's' Birthday. We drank loads, reminisced, sang a lot, gossiped, ate loads and generally had a fantastic time together.

I'm afraid there is no snow related, drunken mess mishaps to report on though.

How was everyone's weekend?

3 February 2012

the mock turtle

Being Brighton born and bred you would of thought I had covered all grounds, and been to most places. Wrong. It is one of my resolutions to explore Brighton more, and find hidden treasures to share. I recently went to a lovely little cafe in the heart of Brighton, one I had heard of before, and thought I need to try this out. It goes by the name of ‘The Mock Turtle’ based in a prominent restaurant position it sits tucked away in a side alley for people to stumble across.

Quaint, vintage and small where my first impressions {if you have a buggy then this would be a no, no}
You are greeted with mountains of cakes, mish mash furniture and thousands of pieces of crockery {which kind of reminds me of my childhood spent in Holland}

The menu was little confusing. There was loadssss to choose from. What threw me were the sandwich choices; cheese, cheese and onion, cheese and tomato. Not much variety really, so we went for the afternoon tea with scones. It was perfect.

And the best thing? It only came to about 7 quid for both of us.  

So get your scone on and head down to ‘The Mock Turtle’ for some afternoon delights.

2 February 2012

life lately according to my Iphone #1

A few cheeky snaps from the past few weeks

p.s I am now addicted to The Hunger Games trilogy. Why did no one tell me about these amazing books? Why?

At least I'm just in time for the film. Hurrah!

oh p.ps I am also taking part in the #febphotoaday over on twitter,just follow the rules below {I will do a round up at the end of the month}

1 February 2012

the colours of Valentines

Please excuse my dreamy state. As it’s currently in the minus numbers outside I needed some warmth and pretty pictures to start this month off with a bang. Can you believe how cold it’s got? Now I am really wishing the days away until my holiday. Looking at these pictures really puts me in a good mood to start the month, but let’s hope it gets a bit warmer.

I hear it’s a leap year this time around. Anybody planning to propose then?
{not me, I'm afraid}
Have a lovely February


I had better wake up now