16 April 2012

harry potter studio tour

So last weekend I was treated to an afternoon at Harry Potter world by my friend Harriet, for my birthday. Let me tell you I was just a little bit excited. I am a HUGE potter fan, since the day I first read the books, so I was so excited to see how the magic was brought to life. It was surreal seeing all the sets, and how small they actually where. I was like a kid in a candy shop, I was in my element. I took about a million pictures, but I have put a selection up so you get the drift. Since then I have pestered Si to watch the films with me, as he isn’t a fan. So after a lot of puppy eyes he finally gave in and we started our Harry Potter marathon over the weekend. We are now six films in, and I am delighted to say that Si is now a major fan. Hurrah! Watching the films again though, and knowing certain secrets, and how scenes where created made me see the films in a whole different light. If anyone is a fan I urge you to go along. All the info is here. Now I can't wait to get home tonight and watch the seventh film!!

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