20 April 2012

24 for 25

As Earlier mentioned, I have decided to put together a list to complete before I'm 25. So here we go...

  1. Take a photography course
  2. Visit 3 different countries - Australia
  3. Take a midnight picnic
  4. Finish my holiday scrapbook
  5. Grow my own vegtables
  6. Make some homemade gifts for Christmas
  7. Start a tradition
  8. Take a bike ride over the Downs
  9. Start to learn French
  10. Take a photoshop course
  11. Kayak in the sea
  12. Join the Library and use it
  13. Get a full body massage
  14. Watch Jersey boys in the West End
  15. Use the laundrette like in films
  16. Take a weekend cottage break
  17. Buy a bus saver and travel around Brighton for the day
  18. Go fruit picking
  19. Take a spontaneous road trip
  20. Re-read all Harry Potter books
  21. Go Zorbing
  22. Take Si on a surprise trip
  23. Go camping
  24. Try a starbucks latte

wish me luck


  1. A bike ride over the downs would be lovely! I can't wait to go back to home in East Sussex and spend time outside again

  2. Great list look forward to seeing how each one goes!

  3. That's great. I'm working on my 30 before 30 list as well!


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