29 October 2012

darker nights


Tonight I am feeling sorry for myself and wrapping up warm to try and fend off this illness brewing inside. 
We ate soup and toasties to kick off the darker nights (and so what if I have already planned winter dinners for the rest of the week to get into the spirit?!?!)
So I am off to snuggle on the sofa, with my pack of soothers and warm Ribena, and try and kick this cold in the butt. 

p.s how cold has it suddenly got?!? (at least that means Christmas isn't to far away)

23 October 2012

this week


Just a pre warning for you all, the clocks turn back this Sunday!@~#*%

I know, this year has gone far too quick again. I barely got anything done on my summer list, and don’t get me started on the list I made to complete before I turn 25 (and I’m nearly 6 months in) So I’m going to make the most of a rare dry evening, and one of the last light evenings of the year, and head out to rummage though the leaves, and go for a stroll.

The pictures are an odd few from the last few weeks.
1.       Checking out the Biba exhibition in Brighton with Emily
2.       Pancakes for Sunday brunch
3.       The Brighton wheel on a grey evening
4.       Oh yer, that’s us
5.       Brighton farmers market

16 October 2012

at the weekend

(this is attractive)

I’m not sure how it is Tuesday already? The weekend seems like a lifetime ago. But I had a good one. We spent the evening in on Saturday, which was well needed, and watched The Notebook for the millionth time. It is still my favourite film, and of course I cried a little. During the day we met my sister in mum in town, and went to the cinema to watch Taken 2, and despite what the critics think (and I think I am a pretty harsh critic myself) I thought it was quite good. So there, have that critics!
Sunday was spent at Ikea, much to Si’s disgust. Don’t you just love that place? And then onto McDonalds for our 2nd burger of the week (I promise we are not normally this bad)

Until the next one...

12 October 2012

so this happened


and heres the money shot


I think I enjoyed it.
Last night we braved the rain and headed out to grab some cake. Well in the end cake didn’t happen (a story to boring to tell) so I ended up with a huge headache, a bad mood and in desperate need for a burger. So, there was only one cure, a burger. I picked up a two cheeseburger meals from Uncle Sams down the road (I think this is just a Sussex chain) took them home, snuggled on the sofa and got our eat on. It was amazing. The end.

11 October 2012

and sometimes there isn't much else to do than pull faces


and photograph them of course.

(although don't you think Si needs to work on his versatility a bit more??)

9 October 2012

it's days like these

NYC - march 2011

when I'm sitting at my desk, procrastinating, that I just want to be somewhere, anywhere. But today I want to be there. In New York City, concrete jungle where dreams are made off. I want to stroll the avenues, laze in the park, find cute shops, hail a cab, eat hot dogs of the street, be a tourist in Times Square, and talk to strangers.

New York City. I love you.

8 October 2012



equals, Si's old clothes, paint and a brand spanking new wall (why thank you Suzi)

1 October 2012

my sunday mainly involved...

a lot of photo booth fun

and, listening to this song

How did you guys spend yours?