30 March 2012

9 things

Top - H&M / Jeans - H&M / Shoes - Converse

Today I have the day off, yey to 3 day weekends

It's still so gorgeous out there, as I am sure you are probably aware, so I will stop going on about it, I will.

I started back at the gym this week, I've been very slack recently, but a big 'hell yer' to body combat

I may off mentioned this a few times, so here it is again, 7 weeks till I go to Australia {I am not counting down the hours, minutes, seconds, I'm not} 

I get to look after my little cousin today, as you see I'm a pro now, and I live for the kids...yada yada.

This song is CONSTANTLY in my head, it's amazing, and cheesey, and poppy and summery and old school, and I love it. I defy you to not get it stuck in your head.all.day.long.

I am cooking up a massive feast tonight, for well, just Si and I. Who needs loads of people when you have two people that can eat the equivalent of a family does {I thank you Jamie Oliver for this divine recipe}

 I can't believe I have just discovered the Disney movie channel, all the way up in the kid’s section. It's my perfect channel. Toy Story, Cars and Lion King all day long people. You have to find it.

Finally lets all applaud the weather one more time for allowing me to wear my brand new maxi dress today. Hallelujah

That’s all folks, have a good weekend!

28 March 2012

a different kind

Top - Topshop / Skirt - Primark / Shoes - Primark / Glasses - Ray ban

I must tell you about my weekend off, dare I say it, parenting. Well Si and I actually played the part of Auntie and Uncle for most of the weekend too our 2 nieces. This was our first time, like ever looking after anything as precious as a little human, and being soley responsible for their safety and well being. They where mad, right, to be leaving their pride and joy with us? It will be a breeze, yer? So we kid proofed the house, got the chalk board ready, bought the supplies for making cakes and took a big deep breath for the whirlwind off a 4 year old and a 20 month old to come through the door. So we took them to the park, jumped on the bed, danced in the kitchen and played with the buggys all before digging in to my healthy dinner off pizza and chips {hand over face} After they where all tucked up and deep in the land off nod, we finally looked at each other and realised that with kids involved there is no hand holding, hardly any kissing and hardly no time for adult chatting. It made me a little sad, but also very optimistic about our future and that we are both very capable off looking after a child. I watched Si from a far getting into the role of ‘dad’ and I must say, I liked it :)

26 March 2012


top - New Look / Jeans - Topshop / Shoes - New Look / Belt- H+M / Glasses - Rayban

Fridays are the best, THE BEST I say. Especially when I have taken the day off, Especially when the weather is super duper warm, especially when I get to wear my new summer purchase, especially when Si finishes early and we get to stroll along the seafront, especially when Cider in the sun is involved, and especially that the sun is in my life and Brighton comes to life. Please Mr Sun, please stay a little longer.

22 March 2012

sweet dreams

skirt - New Look / Top - Miss Selfridge / Jacket - Zara / Belt - H+M / Shoes - New Look

I am now the proud mummy to a shiny, spanking new, amazing, beautiful, special and sexy IMac. You see I have always had sweet dreams that someday in the future I would be able to own and use this special creature. That I would never be frustrated again at the sight of my run down laptop, which takes like ONE hour to turn on, and takes almost a few hours to write a blog post, that’s HOURS wasted of my life people, hours. Now with one simple touch this bright screen stares back at me, screaming at me to use it, and touch it and explore the depths of its amazing-ness. Since we put our new baby in her room {yes, the Mac is a girl people} I just can’t help but just stop and stare at her beauty, and find myself making excuses to go upstairs just to look at her. Okay, so I am not that bad, but these hands have SO much to be getting on with, so you had best leave us two alone for a while.

p.s as a Mac newbie does anyone have any tips for me?

21 March 2012

mothers day

Sunday afternoon I made a homemade 'afternoon tea' for the little lady I call my mother. I spent hours prepping homemade, scones, lemon drizzle, sandwiches and a monster of a cake. I loved being able to prepare everything in my own home for the first time, and it really was a lovely afternoon together. It's a shame the little sister couldn't be there, but as she is sunning herself on the other side of the world we can't really blame her {miss you sis}

Did anyone else spoil their mummys?

19 March 2012


Jacket - H+M / Shirt - Topshop / Wellies - Hunter / Bag - Primark

You know when something random and unexpected happens, that makes you smile inside and out; well that’s what happened yesterday. Don’t worry it isn’t something life changing, but it really made my day. I was preparing dinner in the kitchen whilst listening to my IPod on shuffle, when on came Elton John, step into Christmas. Now being the biggest Christmas geek, like, ever I immediately turned up the volume and called Si through where we proceeded on dancing around the kitchen together, with big, sloppy grins on our faces. Sometimes you only need the small things to make you happy.

16 March 2012

my weekly love

                    1. Learn some top tips about photography over at The Beautiful mess
                    2. This DIYnecklace project is just adorable, courtesy of Kinsey
                    3. This is cute
                    4. One week till The Hunger Games hits cinemas. I can't stop watching
                        the trailer.


                   5. A visit to the Tate gallery
                   6. The sun. Yes, the sun. It came out *waves hands uncontrollably*
                   7. Scrambled egg for lunch at Brew
                   8. My highstreet mag fix


                   9. I will be making these scones for my mothers day lunch
                  10. Zac Efron. Need I say more
                  11. Lusting over this H+M dress worn by Atlantic-Pacific
                  12. 2 months till I go to Australia. only 2 months. I am cramming in as
                        much knowledge as possible


                   13. Dinner at Wahaca with my lovely girlies
                   14. Spring. It's coming
                   15. A night out with a swing band. Random
                   16. Checking out Diana cameras for my birthday. eeek.
                   and it's nearly the weekend! yey!

14 March 2012

over the weekend

Time flies when you're having fun doesn't it? We managed to cram in loads over the weekend, and to top it off it didn't even rain {down south anyway} I managed to see friends, family and spend quality time with my man {sorry I couldn't resist, I don't normally call him that}we had a fun filled day in London with our good friends Lauren and Sam. We had our first experience on the Boris bikes and took a spot of culture in at the Tate Gallery. We also revisited Byron for their melt in your mouth burgers {I definitely shouldn't be writing this whilst I am starving *groan*}the weekend was topped off taking in the nice weather along the coast from Brighton.

*note Sunday was my turn for date day. I was supposed to take Si rock pooling, but because my brain won't let me do anything right, we turned up when it was high tide. I am the worst.

13 March 2012

style crush

I do just happen to have a little style crush on this lovely lady. I am a casual chick at heart, so I love Laurens laid back, effortless style. I couldn't resist to share and wondered if you look to anyone for style inspiration?

Let's all now sigh and wish we had all the money in the world to buy, well, everything.

12 March 2012

only me

Blouse - Primark / Jeans - Miss Selfridge / Boots - New Look

The money fairy didn’t like me last Thursday. Not only did she make me pay over the odds for Labrinth tickets on ebay {he was AMAZING by the way} she also forced, as in pushed me and made me buy lots of new summer clothes {eeek} she also wanted me to get fat and made me buy, not one, but two Millies cookies. I was already telling this money fairy off, and that she had had enough for one day. I thought she had listened, but no, I had obviously done something to piss her off. Maybe she heard about the amazing deal I got on toilet rolls in ASDA, or the fact I ALWAYS buy my make up from boots, just so I can get the points. I think I can even pin point it down to the time I flew to Venice for just one pound, which must have got her knickers in a twist. But anyway just when I was on a high {not just from my Millies cookies} and was all ready to set off to the Labrinth concert, I turned on my car, placed my foot on the clutch, and, snap, FML!£$%@*# She knew how to get me back alright. So after waiting a few hours  in the car park {thank the lord for Haribo} we were towed home and left with a nice little bill. On the upside we did make the gig, even though we missed half of it, it was still worth it. Moral of the story, well always carry sweets and make sure you have breakdown cover. 

9 March 2012

my weekly love

Here is a few lovely bits from this week...

How adorable is this ring? I've been drooling over all the cheap jewellery over on Etsy


You may have seen this already all over the internet and Twitter, but it is real life, and I want to help. Do you?


Oops, sorry body, I just couldn't resist the urge of the take-away burger. 


I have been getting inspiration for my new project. I have a few days off, so plan to transform a wall in our bedroom.


I am loving Plan B's new song. It's on repeat over here.


I have been depressing as this time last year Si and I was in New York and Las Vegas. Take me back. Please.


After 3 tries I have re-designed my blog! YEY. Do you like it?


I've been getting DIY ideas from Elsie


this made me smile :)


Labrinth rocked my little world in concert last night

I will leave on the note that spring is just round the corner...just


Happy weekending everyone