30 November 2012

Friday Giveaway


The guys over at Allium B are holding a Christmas Giveaway just in time for Christmas, and it's your turn to go and enter!

It's your chance to win a dress of YOUR choice from the Allium B collection worth up to £140.

The Giveaway runs until Wednesday 5th December, and all you have to do is head on over to their blog to enter.

Click HERE to enter
Click HERE to view the full collection

Good luck my lovelies x

29 November 2012

a birthday


Yesterday we celebrated Si's 25th Birthday. I honestly don't know where the time has gone. We started dating the week he turned 18, and a lot has happened since then! but we made it! We are here at the grand old age of 25 (for some reason I really see this age as a big deal, like come on we are 25!!)

ahhh, anyway, we celebrated the day with birthday croissants, special pack lunches, party hats, presents, cake and lots of spicy food. Oh and a few glasses of vino for good measure!

Happy Birthday (for yesterday) my love, I never imagined back then that I would be celebrating this birthday with you, but my god, I am so glad we are. I love you so very much! Until the next one x

23 November 2012

the last of Autumn


Last weekend I was desperate to get out and run about in all the leaves before they all disappeared. So we headed into the forest to make the most of the mild, sunny day. It was mucho fun!
It’s been kind of quiet over here though, snuggling in after work, drinking lots of warm ribena and preparing for Christmas. Most of my presents have been bought, and I just can’ wait till next Saturday (the 1st) so we can go out and pick our tree and get into the swing of the festive season. (I may just be too excited about the whole Christmas thing)

Have a great weekend!

19 November 2012

have I ever told you...


that my friends and I are cool?
Well now you know!


9 November 2012



a photo stolen from Facebook after a night out


a last evening in together with the girls


the best lunch


a cheeky trip to Mcdonalds for breakfast


the sun setting between the trees


a wet autumn walk in the woods


a quick photo shoot with the help from a self timer and a car.

Just a few pictures from the last few weeks!
Have a great weekend, what are you all up to?


8 November 2012

a few more from australia

I was just flicking through all my Australia photos (which I can't believe was nearly 6 months ago!!!) and was wishing for warm weather and sand at my feet, when I realised I haven’t shared my pictures from our weekend boat trip around the Whitsundays.
We spent the first afternoon and evening heading into the heart of the Whitsundays and getting to know our boat family over a few glasses of wine and barbequed fish, before bedding down for the night on the deck. We where awoken at 6.30am to the sounds of gentle music, to be greeted with the most spectacular sunrise over the ocean. We then proceeded with a morning swim to shore and landed on the gorgeous Whitehaven beach, for more fun in the sun. After lunch we snorkelled in the Great Barrier reef (I spotted a lone turtle) and partied the night away on deck, to then repeat the next day before heading back to shore. It was by far the most chilled out and furthest away from reality I have ever felt, and it’s a weekend I won’t forget in a hurry.


a morning dip


This was taken at 7.30am after the mornings swim to shore


The beautiful sunset in the Whitsundays

7 November 2012

the girls


Us girls have been besties since the middle of High School (although the majority of us have known each other separately since we where 7) and over the years it has got increasingly harder to get us all together at one time. With some of us travelling, moving around the country and starting their own families it is very hard to get us together as a group of 8.
Last Saturday we finally managed to get everyone together, for one last time, and we have no idea when we will be all together again (which makes me sad) one lady is immigrating to New Zealand and another is going to live in Australia for a few years. These are the girls I grew up with, shared my secrets with and laughed and cried the hardest with. We made a promise that after school we would still be friends, and nearly 9 years on, we have all made the effort with summer holidays, weekends away, dinners and nights in, been there for one another when times were hard and had a right old laugh in the process. Although I know this isn’t the end, it feels like a new era is upon us, and I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years will bring.
Until the next time....
Love you all

6 November 2012

the 5th


We have never really had a tradition for bonfire night. We used to head into the world famous Lewes Bonfire, but it's just to much hassle to get to with the road closures (but if you are ever down this way, then I do recommend to try it out just once) Anyway last year I started a new tradition by waiting to eat my favourite wintery meal, toad in the hole, on bonfire night and heading into the garden for sparklers (here is last years) but as I am impatient and actually caved in and ate toad in the hole on Halloween, I had to start a new tradition. We opted for soup, and invited the lovely ladies Emily and Kat over for sparkler fun, and we even ventured out to the local firework display (although we are cheap skates and decided to watch from a far)


I can't wait till next year

1 November 2012



Okay, so I may be slightly late to the party, but ‘Happy Halloween’ (for yesterday) unfortunately I couldn’t take part in the antics this year as I have been tucked up in bed for the past 2 days with the dreaded cold. I basically looked like a ghost, without even trying. On Sunday before I got ill, Si and I decided to carve our pumpkins, although Si got distracted and didn’t end up doing his. So in the end my pumpkin ended up sitting all alone on the kitchen table as Si didn’t want to put it outside in case it attracted the ‘trick or treaters’ (what a scrooge)

So anyway I hope you all had a fun filled Halloween. I’m back of to bed to eat all the candy :)


So which one is the best?

For last years pumkins, click here