30 June 2012

friday equals

In our household, Friday means one thing. Pizza night. So using our noggins we combined the 2 tonight and headed out with our discount voucher {yes, that's how we roll in this house} and stuffed our faces with dough balls and yummy pizza. {I was in heaven, I tell you}

Today we are off to garden party, stuff our faces with hog roast and drink the night away. So stay away please rain...

29 June 2012


We are soon reaching a point in our lives where we potentially have a lot of decisions to make. The options are open, the table is clear, so we now have to sit down, look at our eggs and decide what to do. Do we sell? Where can we move to? Do we refurbish the house more? What do we want to achieve? What type of people do we want to become? We are under no pressure, but I'm excited to sit down and lay out our options....


28 June 2012

this guy

seriously people, this guy really is the best. Every night I always say, 'can you wake me up the morning, so I can come and have breakfast with you' he rolls his eyes, smiles, and says 'of course' Now many people will tell you I am not a morning person, but for some reason when I am tucking myself up into bed, full of energy, I forget this. So when morning comes around and a loud, continuous alarm is going off in my ear, I proceed to shake, shove or shout at Si to turn it off. He has become so nervous of me now, that he is in fact superman when it comes to reaching out and turning off the alarm. The second task is to ask me to come down to breakfast, god help him if he actually attempts to shake me awake. On his head be it, is the saying I think. Yet day after day he still tries to wake me up, hoping one day I will actually emerge and join him for a coffee and a chat. And that's why I love him. Oh, and to top it off, he even makes me my lunch whilst I am snoozing upstairs.

I struck it lucky with this one.


26 June 2012

today is for...

wearing blue jeans

and eating lot's of strawberries

okay, so I have been very rubbish lately with the whole blog thing. I kind of just haven't found the time (okay bad excuse) or the energy to get around to blogging. My minds slightly all over the place about it, but today I found the time to look through some of my favourite blogs and it re-ignited that little flame inside me and brought me back to why I started blogging. To tell my story, to document my days, my feelings and what I was thinking (and wearing) at that particular time. I have always had a passion to be creative, and I am glad I have this little piece of the internet all to myself (and not forgetting you lovely people) to voice everything.


that was enough about the blabbing, onto more pressing matters...

firstly, my life has been over taken with my obsession for the programme Revenge. I have totally, legally (fingers crossed under the table) been watching the whole season online, and have become stupidly obsessed with it. (anyone else?)
I still have a mountain of laundry to get through from my holiday. Now if this was Si's pile of laundry I would have gone mad at him on several occasions already, and probably given him the lecture of how the house should always be tidy. but lets say different rules apply to the girls in the house.
I have finally got my butt in gear and started the gym again. Those spin classes are a killer, but hopefully worth it in the end.

and finally to domestic boyfriends. I love you. I'm glad I picked one that could cook :)

20 June 2012

byron bay

After our incredible stay in Sydney we hopped on a plane to our next destination. We travelled 760 km north, up the coast to the small town of Byron Bay.  A backpackers haven, it was definitely a location highlight for us. A small, hippy town located on the beach it was miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The laid back vibe, no shoes, and cute little shops, I was sold.
We where there for only 2 full days, and started day one off early checking out the local market before heading down to the beach to catch some rays. Unfortunately for us the heavens opened on us mid afternoon, and didn’t stop for the whole time we where there. Day 2 we couldn’t even go outside as it was torrential.

We also couldn't help in taking some cheesey photo's. Well we couldn't sunbathe??

19 June 2012

a summer's day

I think it's a bit Australia overload on the old blog, so I thought I would mix it up a bit. That big yellow thing in the sky showed its face on Saturday afternoon down in Brighton, so we jumped in the car, put the wind in our hair and settled at a local beauty spot. We chilled out on the grass, before heading to munch on ice cream. I can't tell you how much I love and appreciate Brighton when the sun shines; I love every part of it.

On the fashion front my whole outfit is from H&M

My new life moto ^

18 June 2012

Sydney: day 5

So our last day in Sydney was upon us. There was only one more thing to do, head to the world's famous Bondi Beach. We jumped on the bus and took the 20 minute ride to the outskirts of the city. The winter sun was shining and we thought we were in for a full day on the beach. We pitched our spot and couldn't believe there was no one on the beach. All we could spot where joggers and couples in jackets taking a winter stroll, where as we were in our summer finest attempting to catch a tan. We soon gave up though, as unfortunately the wind was just to cold, so we packed up and headed back into the city.

Who need's David Hasselhoff?

We found a perfect spot on the edge of the Botanical gardens overlooking the harbour, and spent the last light of the day chilling out, reading and taking in the last breaths of Sydney air.

I was sad our first section was over, but was so excited to get out of the city and into proper Australia.

15 June 2012

Sydney: day 4, escaping the city

we decided to leave the city for the day and escape to the beautiful Blue Mountains. About an hour and a half away we travelled by coach into the heart of the mountains. We passed small villages and Australian countryside before we reached our destination. I think you will agree it was breathtaking. It was a gorgeous clear day and we could see right down into the valley, and saw the famous 'three sisters' rock {if you ever see an Australia Tourism advert, this is the view they show}

after spending only an hour starting at the view we where back in the coach for another 2 hour drive inland to our next destination. The Jenolan caves. I was recommended to go there, and I am glad we did. We were taken on a tour of the grand caves, where we saw the stunning formations, and learnt some amazing facts, which I can't for life of me relay to you as my brain is like a sieve. It was pretty special, but 2 hours is a bit long for my liking to be looking at the practically the same thing, but if you happen to be in the area, it's worth a look.

14 June 2012

Australia: a video

To mix it up a bit I thought I would share the video I have been working on, to capture our trip in Australia. It was fun to shoot and make and although I definitley need to invest in a better quality camcorder, I am so glad I took videos as well as the millions of photos. So let me know what you think...?

p.s the music is Delta Goodrem- standing on top of the world. It would be our holiday song, as it was played a lot out there. And, well I really love it.

13 June 2012

Sydney day 3

after getting a better night's sleep we looked out the window to find rain. Yes rain. In Australia you say? You are correct. Apparently it has been their worst summer in 50 years and heading to be their worst winter also. Aren't we the lucky ones? After putting on my only pair of trousers (hello naive Brit) and flip flops we headed out into the rain.
It turns out the rain also sucks in Australia, and leaves you wet and miserable. We had planned to head to Bondi beach, but instead found ourselves wandering aimlessly round the city.
We pondered about going to the Aquarium or the IMAX (the world's largest, must you know) but we didn't really want to part with our money over something that didn't interest us. So we stuck it out and got wet.

We stumbled across a huge indoor market selling everything from fruit and veg to boomerangs and fake Uggs. It was a huge pile of tat, but I loved the hustle and bustle of everything. I even managed a knock down deal on a few I phone cases (I promise they really are designer)

The afternoon soon went quickly, as we strolled through China town and chatted away about the weather (classic Brits) We then got to spend the rest of the afternoon catching up with my good friend Jack, who is now living in Sydney.
We caught up on all the gossip his end, and the not so interesting gossip our end. Cider after cider we drank. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon.