31 October 2011

Top five {autumn addition}

As summer has officially ended {as of yesterday} and technically we are heavily into autumn, I wanted to share some of my favourite things that I look forward to this season.

1.      Being able to accessorise, and wrap up with a scarf.  

2.      I never drink tea in the summer, so when the temperature drops the first thing I want to do is snuggle with a cup of tea.

3.      It’s time for Halloween, and to carve the Pumpkins {see one I made earlier}

4.      Now the clocks have gone back, we enjoy lighter mornings for a while. No excuse to get up late then?

5.      The colours. Oh the colours. There is nothing better than the warm reds/greens/yellows in the leaves and trees.


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Suzi x

29 October 2011

Happy Weekend!

I was left all on my lonesome on Friday whilst Si did some private work. So I played the {doting} housewife and made dinner and a homemade bonofee pie. {yey, brownie points for moi} but to also say thank-you to Si for working so hard at the moment. {I love him}
Bring on Sunday for our first lie in for ages!!
p.s good luck Becky! We can't wait to meet little Freddie {is it wrong I have salt and pepper~push it, going round in my head}
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28 October 2011

These shoes have alot of walking to do

My Lethargic start to winter seems to be continuing, and boy do I love it. I have definitely decided that I am like a squirrel, and need to hibernate over winter. In the Summer I want to make the most of the weather and always have something on the go, but all I want to do now, is cuddle up on the sofa with Si, watch box sets and cook hot, stodgy food. There is no better feeling than shutting the curtains and wrapping up in a blanket. So anyway I got let of the hook for the 4th time this week, and Si cooked a scrummy dinner of Macaroni and cheese {isn’t he the best} but I did insanely clear up as we went (I definitely have a slight cleaning problem, there is nothing wrong with that) I normally wouldn’t eat so many carbs in one week {I aim for only 1 pasta or pizza dish a week{ but as I am intent of getting into the full swing of winter, we sat in last night {instead of going to a pre-booked gig} and ate stuffed crust pizza dressed in our Pj’s. Seriously there is nothing better.

Next week it all changes though. The dreaded Marathon training starts. Yes, you heard correctly, MARATHON training. Me? Running? Seriously kill me know. I don’t know who’s bright idea that was {okay it was mine, I wanted to tick of something on my bucket list, FML} I have taken part in ALL sports, and actually was pretty good at most things, but long distance running? No way. It’s not for me. So if I actually get through it, alive, then you all owe me, big time. {FML}
Shoes/ New Look

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27 October 2011


So when I went to visit Lauren last weekend {and Bruno of course} we ventured out onto Northcote road {Clapham} to get some grub. The road is full with bars, restaurants and cafes, but not all the chains that you would normally expect, which was quite refreshing, as I normally end up in either Wagamamas or Pizza Express. So with no familiarity, and every cuisine at our fingertips, we ended up in a burger bar called Byron. As I now know {due to a quick googling session} Byron actually is a small chain based around London, but it was all new for me.

‘To do a simple thing well, and do it properly’ is how the food is described, and I wouldn’t second judge that decision. The menu is simple, so if you are like me and struggle to make a decision when the waitress takes your order, than this will be perfect for you.

We ordered Milkshakes, cheese-burgers, chips and mac and cheese on the side. {My tummy is literally rumbling at the thought of how good the burgers where}  

The burger was cooked to perfection, the French fries where crispy, and the Mac and cheese, oh don’t even get me started on the Mac and cheese {drooling open mouthed-reminiscing} Best of all it only came to 15 smackers each.
Check out my new spectacles- you like?
**{so this kind of turned into a mini review. It was never really my intention, but it was soooo yummy, I had to share...has anyone been before?}**

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25 October 2011

Did someone say Australia?

Oops. I think we may have just booked tickets to Australia.
May 2012. Bring it on.
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24 October 2011

Cheers to the weekend

So my ‘life this week according to my camera’ hasn’t really gone to plan, hence my previous post, regarding how lazy and melancholy we have felt all week long. I don’t think you would want to see pictures of piles of washing, and unmade beds. The only upside to this lazy start to winter is the arrival of mums homemade soup. I have taken two deliveries this week of sweet potato and carrot and leek soup. One word. Divine. Just what you need to warm your tosies.
So anyway the weekend arrived, to awake me from my soup coma, and thank god it arrived in style, offering food a plenty, catch ups, nights out and music.
After cleaning the house top to bottom {goodbye 3 hours of my life} and making lunch for Em and Zoey, I headed into town for an early dinner with some of the girls {Harriet, Zoey and Emily} Si, and a few boys from school {Andy, Jack s and Jack w} Was a nice little gathering/reunion, but as per usual Si and I left early, but this time we had an excuse, as Si was up early for another day of grafting. {Leaving me all lonely with no weekend mornings cuddlesL}
Dress/ New Look

  My Sunday morning involved, washing, washing and more washing {goodbye 2 hours of my life} but I got the chance to go and visit Lauren in Clapham, as we where off to see Bruno Mars in concert at the Brixton Academy. Lauren did warn me that once you’ve been to that venue you won’t want to ever see an arena gig again. She was right. The venue is only a small capacity, and it feels so intimate, and up close with the artist. Bruno Mars was AMAZING {like literally amazing, so amazing, I am sitting here frantically googling when his next gig will be} apart from not being able to take my camera in {sigh} and missing the last train home to Brighton {sighhhh} it was one heck of a day, to top of an immense weekend.

P.S thanks Lauren for putting me up for the night; otherwise I would have been

21 October 2011

We made Pumpkins

So, maybe it’s a little early, but I was so desperate to bring out my inner child {and Si’s} so I rushed to the shop and bought 2 pumpkins.
It was one of those nights that I actually noticed it was pitch black by 6.30pm, and I had the urge to do something wintery and fun. Si informed me that he can’t ever remember carving his own pumpkin, so I thought why not start our own traditions.
It brought back all the memories from when I was a kid, when Sar and I competed with who had the best pumpkin. Now that I am older and more creative {I am, I promise} we took some inspiration from the world wide web, and created these lean mean professional pumpkin machines {well, not machines, just hollowed out orange fruit, purely for decoration at the front of our house, yes?}
So, anyway...what do you think?

 His and hers Pumpkins

20 October 2011

It's been one of those weeks...

It’s been one of those weeks so far that nothing much has been done. The washing is still in a pile in the spare room, the dishes are piling up in the sink, and the stairs need a good old hoover. I haven’t even ventured out much, only for the weekly food shop and an obligatory netball match {which we won, thank-you}

This week finally bought in the first chill of the season, and I even bought out last winter’s Mac {I will refuse to wear my thick jacket until at least December} I have changed from pumps to boots, and have started wearing my new knits to keep my cosy. The heating has finally been turned on {but only for a few hours at a time, we are not made of money you know!} and my slippers are on {okay, for those that know me, will know that the minute I step foot in the front door my slippers are straight on my feet, come summer or winter.} So with the change in climate I think it has just made me really nostalgic, and all I want to do is stay in and cuddle up with Si with a warm mug of ribena.

I think once this week of laziness is over, we will have to get back to finishing our house. We have given ourselves the deadline of Christmas to get it completely finished, but there are loads of little things to get finished {and many bigger things} I am finding it so hard to get motivated to finish our home, when it was so easy to start with. We were told, or should I say warned, that we should finish everything before moving in {as we were in the comfort of our parents while we refurbished} but we were SO desperate to move in after 3 months of refurbishments, that we just went for it, leaving all the little bits to do once we moved in. 6 months later we still haven’t finished {or hardly started} We have spent the summer holidaying, seeing friends, exploring Brighton, and generally enjoying living with each other, to worry about if the hall skirting is painted and glossed {yawn}
But now the evenings are drawing in, and the weekends are cold and rainy, now is the time to get back onto wagon and finish our baby off. We will do it.

19 October 2011

Paris: Looking Up

Photos: Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur, Montmartre, Louvre, Notre Dame

Just over a month ago we visited Paris for the second time. I instantly fell in love with the city when Si took me for my 21st birthday, and have always wanted to go back and I hope for it to be a place that I will forever visit. For anyone that has never been before, I highly recommend. We spent a lot of time just strolling the streets to see what we would stumble across. We ate gorgeous food, and drank rose wine a plenty. So I am sharing a few sightseeing photos from our short trip, and hope to share more soon.

17 October 2011

Goodbye Sarah

The time has finally come, and my little sis Sarah has head out into the big wide world. We took her to Heathrow on Sunday night to wave her off to the other side of the world. I few tears were shed, as we don't know when we will see her again.
As a little memento to look back on, we decided to make a little send of video. Sarah will watch this from the other side of the world, and I hope she enjoys it.


p.s I miss you already Sar

16 October 2011

Life this week according to my camera #3

1. Rose 2. Cafe Rouge waffles 3. My new ear muffs 4. Friday nights dinner (dominoes) 5. Homemade lunch 6. Sarah at the airport 7. My new blouse 8. Harriet attempting to create a new craze-squeezing (not sure it will catch on)

14 October 2011


I think the most exciting thing of my week; I mean my year has just happened. One word. Harry Potter (okay so technically it is 2)

I have been a massive, I mean MASSIVE HP fan since I first read the second book.(Chamber of Secrets) Okay, technically I started in the wrong order, and It didn’t make complete sense at first. But after my mum realised she had given me the wrong one first, I re-read the first few books and I instantly fell in love with the magic and creativity of the stories. So when they announced the arrival of the Harry Potter films, I could barely contain my excitement. So over the last 10 years we have had the conclusion of the books and 8 feature films. For any ‘HP’ fan, we would instantly say how the films don’t do any justice to the books themselves, as there is just too much detail to be able to converse everything into the movie. But what we are all grateful for is that it brings this incredible magical world alive for us in front of our eyes.
So when I found out that in spring 2012, the world renowned Warner Bros Studios in Leavesden, home to the Harry Potter studios, would be opening for specialised tours, I WAS SO UTTERLY EXCITED. Like a little kid on Christmas day.

The website describes that, the unique walking tour takes you behind-the-scenes and showcases a huge array of beautiful sets, costumes and props. It also reveals some closely guarded secrets, including facts about the special effects and breathtaking animatronics that made these films so hugely popular all over the world. *OMG, SO EXCITED*

They don’t give much more away, other than the tour lasts approximately 3 hours, some parts of the tour are interactive and gives you a fully hands-on experience. *WOW *

So my tickets are now booked for April 8th 2012 with my dearest Harriet (my Harry Potter partner in crime)

We will be there with our Gryffindor scarves and HP glasses.
I am counting down the days....literally.

13 October 2011

'The Pierces'

So a couple of nights ago I managed to wangle some tickets to ‘The Pierces’ gig, down at the Concorde 2 (courtesy of Tony Marks, of The Juice FM new music show)

So this was my first trip to the Concorde, and my first ever intimate gig. I had heard of 'The Pierces' before, but I wasn’t over familiar with their songs. The description of their music draws comparison to Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell and Simon and Garfunkel. Now weirdly enough, I was listening to some old Fleetwood Mac, and Simon and Garfunkel on You tube the day before. It’s not something I would normally go and see, but I was pleasantly surprised. Their gorgeous melodies effortlessly create beautiful music, combined with a grittier, heavier edge. Although I didn’t know the words, I really got into the music, and enjoyed listening/watching something different. The support, MarcusFoster, was also amazing. His voice was simply stunning, and he had the audience captivated throughout his set. It was one of those nights that we could of stayed out all night enjoying the cider, but as we drove we called it a night after the gig. Overall I loved my impromptu evening out, and was pleasantly surprised at how nice the venue was. I will most defiantly be going back sometime soon.  

Until next time Concorde x

12 October 2011

An Aussie Farewell

My younger sister Sarah, is leaving me L she is finally flying the nest, but not just to a new flat in town, but to the other side of the world, to Sunny Australia. She goes in less than a week, and is off to meet 3 of her friends to travel down the East Coast for 6 weeks. She is then venturing off on her own, to work and travel for at least a year. I am so very proud of her, as she has always said she wanted to go, and has finally got the guts to go and do it on her own, and to change her life. I plan to visit sometime next year, and I can’t wait. So, on Sunday we held a mini family gathering to say farewell to the youngest Knight of the family (okay excluding the kids)

Dad and Sarah, with Joey the kangaroo
My homemade cake
My cousin Isabel
Sarah, and my cousin Max
Me and Sarah