30 April 2012


The first thing is, how weird is the word 'outtake?' I can't stop looking at it, and it's freaking me out slightly. So I will move on...after having an afternoon session at looking through all my photos I realised I have SO many I have never posted, that never really made the cut. So I thought why not post them all together...


I have a story to tell. Not a very exciting one, but one none the least. On Friday I decided to get my cards read. Now this isn’t really my thing, but I have always been intrigued. I have heard interesting stories before, so I went for it. My little mind conjured up an image of a middle aged woman, with crazy hair, wearing clashing colours, and even with a suspicious looking mole on her face. My mind even wandered off into the world of Harry Potter...but surprisingly the lady was pretty normal, apart from the stubble on her chin, so I rolled with it.

I was told to pick 3 cards, and she went about her business of making assumptions, with all I answered no. I was giving nothing away; I didn’t want to give her one scrap of information which she could use. She can’t pull a fast one on me. After some jibberish about paperwork and that someone had to be very careful with their work {which I put down to Si being at home working on his Tax return} to later find out he was having a mad moment and pulled out the computer plug in a day dream losing all off his work so far {I did laugh}I also found out that someone near to me is having slight money problems {isn’t everyone}someone close to me is having life problems {again, isn’t everyone} and that I should go with my gut feeling with a decision. WOW. That was worth paying £15 for. So overall I had a bit of a laugh, but my opinion still stands, I don’t really believe in it all.

 Go on then, prove me wrong, who has had a good reading???

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