9 April 2012

a few from easter weekend

This weekend has been filled with way too much time on our hands. Si took the bank holiday off as well, and we got to spend 4 whole days together {today still being one, and we have no idea what to do} The great British weather has, of course, given us a weekend full off the cold and rain, with only a splash of sun on Friday.

We haven’t been up to a great deal, lunching out, eating rubbish, catching up on the current season of Homeland {please tell me someone is also watching this? I am loving it so far} and redesigning my office space {photos to come} my dreams also came true thanks to my bestie Harriet. She took me to the newly opened Harry Potter world for my birthday {which is in a few weeks} so I will post my pictures later in the week.

So I am off to rack my brains with what to do today. I am thinking baking, Harry Potter and bowling…we will see. 


  1. Lovely pictures :) Glad you had a nice weekend :)
    Enjoy your day :)

    Laura xoxo

  2. I've heard great things about Homeland. I haven't watched it myself yet but I really want too!

    1. it's very addictive, mainly you just want to find out what happens!


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