30 January 2012

homemade valentines gift

 {52 reasons why I  love you}

Okay. So the other day I was wasting my day {as usual} scrolling through Pinterst and I came across an A-MAZING idea, and I had to grab it in my little internet mits. I'm not sure where the original idea came from, but I found my inspiration from here

Now I am not into Valentine's day at all {hello money grabbing companies} but V day also happens to be my anniversary, so in some way I do like to get involved.

This gift is extremely personal, easy to make and actually very cheap. So here is what you need to make the cutest gift, like, ever. {and it can work both ways boys}

Ribbon or cord
Stickers or jewels

So to start off with you need to think of 52 reasons way you love your man or lady. {Trust me, when you're in the flow it comes naturally}

It is up to you how you would like to present your words, either by hand or printed by the computer. I went for the computer {due to my nonexistent calligraphy skills} and chose the font Bradley Hand ITC, obviously you can choose whatever you please. These then need to be printed on card {paper would be okay, but the finish would not be as good}

Once you have printed the words, you need to cut the card to fit over the picture on the card.

You then need to decorate the card. I have gone with simple star stickers {they cost 50p}

You then need to hole punch the cards. I have done this by doing a few at a time, and using the original card as a template for the holes. {use a clip to hold the cards in place}

You are then left to thread your ribbon or cord through the holes to hold the cards together.

Voila. Your very own personal V day pressie.

27 January 2012

Is summer here yet?

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Excuse me for my very early posting on my holiday wish list, but as I have my holiday booked already, all I find myself doing is wishing the next few months away, by looking endlessly at summer outfits and previous holiday photos. So forgive me, I am very much in the holiday mood. So here are a few simple things that are on my shopping list and to remind you that summer is on its way {albeit very slowly}

Has anyone else been drooling over summer clothes already?

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25 January 2012


Today all I want to be is back in the Dominican Republic, sunbathing all day, reading books, eating burgers on the beach, drinking strawberry Daiquiris, playing table tennis, waking up late, ordering room service, swimming with Mary the dolphin and eating pizza by sunset in our cabana all without a care in the world.

That is all.

23 January 2012

weekend blues

So the weekend is over. ALREADY? time does fly when you're having fun! I had one of the best weekends for a while, and what better way than to capture it all with instagram.

On Saturday after a stroll through town we FINALLY found somewhere to eat {okay so I am ultra fussy, sorry Si}

I popped home quickly to see the parents...and of course to see my little doggy pudding.

The girls came round Saturday night for pizza, cookies and old films.

We were up early Sunday morning for a cooked brekkie, and then we headed into town to be tourists for the day, and for more tea and scones.

I became a cool dude.

We strolled round all the shops and found some new records

and I annoyed Si {as usual}

What did everyone else get up to?

19 January 2012

a lunch date

 It's not often I have company for lunch. Well let's say hardly ever. Sometimes my mum meets me, and once in a very blue moon Si gets off work early and comes and meets me for a good old natter. Well today was that day and it was a sure fire way to put a huge smile on my face that's for sure.
BTW how good does the millionaire shortbread look? Trust me, it went down a treat.
We also got a few bits for the home and purchased some blackboard paint to use in our hallway, so we can doodle on the walls. Fun ey?

Not much more to say on the matter really, apart from , hurry up next lunch date.

over and out.


18 January 2012

Travel Series: Las Vegas

Nearly a year ago now we jetted over to Las Vegas, for what unquestionably has to be the best holiday EVER!

I am just sharing a few of my photos for myself personally and to show you the wonder that is Las Vegas. We only spent 4 nights there, but I am itching to return with friends and in high season to experience the day time antics in full. We managed to walk ourselves into the ground due to the sheer size of all the hotels, but made sure we caught a few shows. Of course the legendary Cirque Du soleil, and my favourite musical, The Lion King.

Las Vegas really is a big kid's playground, and it's true what they say, you really do enter a different world, perfect to forget about the real world for just a few short days.

Has anyone else been to the wonder of Vegas? What do you all think?

16 January 2012

pictures and music

I caved in and went over to the dark side {they say} and purchased a new shiny I phone 4S. I am a sucker for a trend. I have been snapping away and using the instagram app all weekend like a loser, but I.LOVE.IT. It hasn't really left my hand yet.

{do you like my new home phone? It's currently my new pride and joy}

I've been listening to all kinds of music over the weekend, check out some of my favourite songs at the moment...I like to call it 'my Mixtape'

Does anyone recommend any bands or music for me?

13 January 2012

big kid at heart

He made me a den. An actual den, with sheets, pillows, duvets and sparkly lights. I think I have been going on about making one, for, I don't know, maybe years, but I never thought he would actually make me one as a surprise. Extra man points for Si this week. I am the ultimate big kid, and playing and chilling in my own private den all evening has made my week. Now if only we could keep it...

*I was so busy that I totally forgot to get my camera out, sorry.

9 January 2012


Sunglasses - Primark / Jacket - New Look / Jeggings - New Look

This weekend our household consisted of cleaning, chilling, watching box sets, eating {kind of} healthy and watching more box sets. Our weekends will be filled with this until we go to Australia, as we have to get our little saving hats on. Not that I’m complaining, long lie ins, eggs for breakfasts, walks along the seafronts, and more 'The OC' than you can lay your hands on. Journal writing, scrap books and reading is already on the cards and for once I am enjoying quality time with Si, my friends and finally putting the finishing decorative pieces to my lovely home.

5 January 2012

Mr and Mrs Turner

A huge congratulations to our friends Luke and Charlotte on getting married. It was a beautiful day, at a wonderful location. Head on here to watch a quick wedding video I made them.

Good luck guys


3 January 2012

Bringing in the new year

Just a few lovely photos from New Years Eve. This leads me nicely on to the year ahead, and what I have planned for it. This year more than ever I am thinking ahead and wanting to make the most of every moment, with friends, family and of course Si. To go forward with a positive attitude, to take chances and to say Yes more. Point is, I want to achieve great things this year, it may not be in my career, but I want to go into 2013 with my head held high, and to have succeeded in my goals.
Well that kind of got serious...So here is to 2012 and my resolutions.

Be Strong - work out 3-5 times a week, and to train hard for my first Marathon in April
Be Healthy - Drink less alcohol (hello January detox) and eat more fruit
Be Smart - start a journal, and write down all thoughts, feelings and goals
Be happy - make more effort with friends, and to have regular and fun date nights with Si.
Be motivated - to get out of bed early, and have a quick work out, and have breakfast with Si regularly.

1 January 2012

Happy New Year

Skirt - New Look / Top/dress - Topshop / Shoes - New Look

How did everyone bring in the new year? After much debate we decided to stay in with a few friends. We danced, sang, chatted and played games until the countdown, then watched in delight at the spectacular London fireworks on the TV. Bringing in the new year with Si and my closest friends in my new home was perfect. Same again next year please.

Suzi x