26 June 2012

today is for...

wearing blue jeans

and eating lot's of strawberries

okay, so I have been very rubbish lately with the whole blog thing. I kind of just haven't found the time (okay bad excuse) or the energy to get around to blogging. My minds slightly all over the place about it, but today I found the time to look through some of my favourite blogs and it re-ignited that little flame inside me and brought me back to why I started blogging. To tell my story, to document my days, my feelings and what I was thinking (and wearing) at that particular time. I have always had a passion to be creative, and I am glad I have this little piece of the internet all to myself (and not forgetting you lovely people) to voice everything.


that was enough about the blabbing, onto more pressing matters...

firstly, my life has been over taken with my obsession for the programme Revenge. I have totally, legally (fingers crossed under the table) been watching the whole season online, and have become stupidly obsessed with it. (anyone else?)
I still have a mountain of laundry to get through from my holiday. Now if this was Si's pile of laundry I would have gone mad at him on several occasions already, and probably given him the lecture of how the house should always be tidy. but lets say different rules apply to the girls in the house.
I have finally got my butt in gear and started the gym again. Those spin classes are a killer, but hopefully worth it in the end.

and finally to domestic boyfriends. I love you. I'm glad I picked one that could cook :)


  1. You look so gorgeous, you have the most beautiful smile : ) xx


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