20 June 2012

byron bay

After our incredible stay in Sydney we hopped on a plane to our next destination. We travelled 760 km north, up the coast to the small town of Byron Bay.  A backpackers haven, it was definitely a location highlight for us. A small, hippy town located on the beach it was miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The laid back vibe, no shoes, and cute little shops, I was sold.
We where there for only 2 full days, and started day one off early checking out the local market before heading down to the beach to catch some rays. Unfortunately for us the heavens opened on us mid afternoon, and didn’t stop for the whole time we where there. Day 2 we couldn’t even go outside as it was torrential.

We also couldn't help in taking some cheesey photo's. Well we couldn't sunbathe??

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