13 June 2012

Sydney day 3

after getting a better night's sleep we looked out the window to find rain. Yes rain. In Australia you say? You are correct. Apparently it has been their worst summer in 50 years and heading to be their worst winter also. Aren't we the lucky ones? After putting on my only pair of trousers (hello naive Brit) and flip flops we headed out into the rain.
It turns out the rain also sucks in Australia, and leaves you wet and miserable. We had planned to head to Bondi beach, but instead found ourselves wandering aimlessly round the city.
We pondered about going to the Aquarium or the IMAX (the world's largest, must you know) but we didn't really want to part with our money over something that didn't interest us. So we stuck it out and got wet.

We stumbled across a huge indoor market selling everything from fruit and veg to boomerangs and fake Uggs. It was a huge pile of tat, but I loved the hustle and bustle of everything. I even managed a knock down deal on a few I phone cases (I promise they really are designer)

The afternoon soon went quickly, as we strolled through China town and chatted away about the weather (classic Brits) We then got to spend the rest of the afternoon catching up with my good friend Jack, who is now living in Sydney.
We caught up on all the gossip his end, and the not so interesting gossip our end. Cider after cider we drank. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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  1. Shame about the rain but the photos look great!


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