28 June 2012

this guy

seriously people, this guy really is the best. Every night I always say, 'can you wake me up the morning, so I can come and have breakfast with you' he rolls his eyes, smiles, and says 'of course' Now many people will tell you I am not a morning person, but for some reason when I am tucking myself up into bed, full of energy, I forget this. So when morning comes around and a loud, continuous alarm is going off in my ear, I proceed to shake, shove or shout at Si to turn it off. He has become so nervous of me now, that he is in fact superman when it comes to reaching out and turning off the alarm. The second task is to ask me to come down to breakfast, god help him if he actually attempts to shake me awake. On his head be it, is the saying I think. Yet day after day he still tries to wake me up, hoping one day I will actually emerge and join him for a coffee and a chat. And that's why I love him. Oh, and to top it off, he even makes me my lunch whilst I am snoozing upstairs.

I struck it lucky with this one.


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