30 January 2012

homemade valentines gift

 {52 reasons why I  love you}

Okay. So the other day I was wasting my day {as usual} scrolling through Pinterst and I came across an A-MAZING idea, and I had to grab it in my little internet mits. I'm not sure where the original idea came from, but I found my inspiration from here

Now I am not into Valentine's day at all {hello money grabbing companies} but V day also happens to be my anniversary, so in some way I do like to get involved.

This gift is extremely personal, easy to make and actually very cheap. So here is what you need to make the cutest gift, like, ever. {and it can work both ways boys}

Ribbon or cord
Stickers or jewels

So to start off with you need to think of 52 reasons way you love your man or lady. {Trust me, when you're in the flow it comes naturally}

It is up to you how you would like to present your words, either by hand or printed by the computer. I went for the computer {due to my nonexistent calligraphy skills} and chose the font Bradley Hand ITC, obviously you can choose whatever you please. These then need to be printed on card {paper would be okay, but the finish would not be as good}

Once you have printed the words, you need to cut the card to fit over the picture on the card.

You then need to decorate the card. I have gone with simple star stickers {they cost 50p}

You then need to hole punch the cards. I have done this by doing a few at a time, and using the original card as a template for the holes. {use a clip to hold the cards in place}

You are then left to thread your ribbon or cord through the holes to hold the cards together.

Voila. Your very own personal V day pressie.


  1. Aww what an ACE idea (excuse the pun)!! I'm definitely going to melt my dude's heart with this one... off to order some cards now! :D xx

  2. This is such a brilliant idea!!!! xxx


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