12 October 2011

An Aussie Farewell

My younger sister Sarah, is leaving me L she is finally flying the nest, but not just to a new flat in town, but to the other side of the world, to Sunny Australia. She goes in less than a week, and is off to meet 3 of her friends to travel down the East Coast for 6 weeks. She is then venturing off on her own, to work and travel for at least a year. I am so very proud of her, as she has always said she wanted to go, and has finally got the guts to go and do it on her own, and to change her life. I plan to visit sometime next year, and I can’t wait. So, on Sunday we held a mini family gathering to say farewell to the youngest Knight of the family (okay excluding the kids)

Dad and Sarah, with Joey the kangaroo
My homemade cake
My cousin Isabel
Sarah, and my cousin Max
Me and Sarah

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