31 October 2011

Top five {autumn addition}

As summer has officially ended {as of yesterday} and technically we are heavily into autumn, I wanted to share some of my favourite things that I look forward to this season.

1.      Being able to accessorise, and wrap up with a scarf.  

2.      I never drink tea in the summer, so when the temperature drops the first thing I want to do is snuggle with a cup of tea.

3.      It’s time for Halloween, and to carve the Pumpkins {see one I made earlier}

4.      Now the clocks have gone back, we enjoy lighter mornings for a while. No excuse to get up late then?

5.      The colours. Oh the colours. There is nothing better than the warm reds/greens/yellows in the leaves and trees.


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Suzi x


  1. Autumn is my favourite season, i like the idea of this post.
    I like reading your blog!!! I just followed your on bloglovin.


  2. Thanks Lydia! I'm only a newbie! heading over to yours now...


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