27 October 2011


So when I went to visit Lauren last weekend {and Bruno of course} we ventured out onto Northcote road {Clapham} to get some grub. The road is full with bars, restaurants and cafes, but not all the chains that you would normally expect, which was quite refreshing, as I normally end up in either Wagamamas or Pizza Express. So with no familiarity, and every cuisine at our fingertips, we ended up in a burger bar called Byron. As I now know {due to a quick googling session} Byron actually is a small chain based around London, but it was all new for me.

‘To do a simple thing well, and do it properly’ is how the food is described, and I wouldn’t second judge that decision. The menu is simple, so if you are like me and struggle to make a decision when the waitress takes your order, than this will be perfect for you.

We ordered Milkshakes, cheese-burgers, chips and mac and cheese on the side. {My tummy is literally rumbling at the thought of how good the burgers where}  

The burger was cooked to perfection, the French fries where crispy, and the Mac and cheese, oh don’t even get me started on the Mac and cheese {drooling open mouthed-reminiscing} Best of all it only came to 15 smackers each.
Check out my new spectacles- you like?
**{so this kind of turned into a mini review. It was never really my intention, but it was soooo yummy, I had to share...has anyone been before?}**

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