13 October 2011

'The Pierces'

So a couple of nights ago I managed to wangle some tickets to ‘The Pierces’ gig, down at the Concorde 2 (courtesy of Tony Marks, of The Juice FM new music show)

So this was my first trip to the Concorde, and my first ever intimate gig. I had heard of 'The Pierces' before, but I wasn’t over familiar with their songs. The description of their music draws comparison to Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell and Simon and Garfunkel. Now weirdly enough, I was listening to some old Fleetwood Mac, and Simon and Garfunkel on You tube the day before. It’s not something I would normally go and see, but I was pleasantly surprised. Their gorgeous melodies effortlessly create beautiful music, combined with a grittier, heavier edge. Although I didn’t know the words, I really got into the music, and enjoyed listening/watching something different. The support, MarcusFoster, was also amazing. His voice was simply stunning, and he had the audience captivated throughout his set. It was one of those nights that we could of stayed out all night enjoying the cider, but as we drove we called it a night after the gig. Overall I loved my impromptu evening out, and was pleasantly surprised at how nice the venue was. I will most defiantly be going back sometime soon.  

Until next time Concorde x

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