16 March 2012

my weekly love

                    1. Learn some top tips about photography over at The Beautiful mess
                    2. This DIYnecklace project is just adorable, courtesy of Kinsey
                    3. This is cute
                    4. One week till The Hunger Games hits cinemas. I can't stop watching
                        the trailer.


                   5. A visit to the Tate gallery
                   6. The sun. Yes, the sun. It came out *waves hands uncontrollably*
                   7. Scrambled egg for lunch at Brew
                   8. My highstreet mag fix


                   9. I will be making these scones for my mothers day lunch
                  10. Zac Efron. Need I say more
                  11. Lusting over this H+M dress worn by Atlantic-Pacific
                  12. 2 months till I go to Australia. only 2 months. I am cramming in as
                        much knowledge as possible


                   13. Dinner at Wahaca with my lovely girlies
                   14. Spring. It's coming
                   15. A night out with a swing band. Random
                   16. Checking out Diana cameras for my birthday. eeek.
                   and it's nearly the weekend! yey!

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  1. Thanks for the link to the trailer for The Hunger Games! I've heard so much about it, but hadn't seen the trailer and I can't wait for the movie to come out now!
    So exciting that you're going to Australia!
    Hope you're having a lovely weekend!


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