22 March 2012

sweet dreams

skirt - New Look / Top - Miss Selfridge / Jacket - Zara / Belt - H+M / Shoes - New Look

I am now the proud mummy to a shiny, spanking new, amazing, beautiful, special and sexy IMac. You see I have always had sweet dreams that someday in the future I would be able to own and use this special creature. That I would never be frustrated again at the sight of my run down laptop, which takes like ONE hour to turn on, and takes almost a few hours to write a blog post, that’s HOURS wasted of my life people, hours. Now with one simple touch this bright screen stares back at me, screaming at me to use it, and touch it and explore the depths of its amazing-ness. Since we put our new baby in her room {yes, the Mac is a girl people} I just can’t help but just stop and stare at her beauty, and find myself making excuses to go upstairs just to look at her. Okay, so I am not that bad, but these hands have SO much to be getting on with, so you had best leave us two alone for a while.

p.s as a Mac newbie does anyone have any tips for me?


  1. I have never used a mac properly, they confuse me! good luck getting to grips with it?

    Is this beachy head? I love the skirt and the windysweptness!

    1. yes it is, it was freeezing and very windy! haha


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