30 July 2012

I love you weekend

oh yes, I do, especially when I get to spend it with my favourites and generally having a right old laugh. Friday night brought the start of the Olympics (which I must add I am obsessed with) where we watched with Pimms, pizza and happy, happy faces.
On saturday the girls and I travelled to London for a well deserved night out, and a long overdue catch up.

We headed out in Clapham, which involved far to much drink, falling over and dancing till 3am in the morning.

We woke 4 hours later, with dry mouths and banging heads, so headed out for our hangover cure.

When that didn't work, we tried again with the best scrambled eggs from Brew.

Feeling slightly better, and very full we cheered on Britain in the woman's gymnastics, before heading home.

(obligatory train platform shot)

To then come home and find the world ending, or Voldemort and the death eaters coming to get us muggles. (something like that)

So all in all, not a bad weekend (but lack of photos to prove)

The end.


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  2. Sounds like such a fun weekend! I love nights out with the girls - fixes everything. Those scrambled eggs looks so yum! I'm enjoying the Olympics so far, didn't expect it but I have got quite into them - loved the opening ceremony too.
    Lianne :)

  3. so I've been perusing through your blog and I just love how the entries tell a story (hence the name!) such a cute concept and great entries! and, those scrambled eggs on toast look absolutely divine...! and yeah, it's a shame how often times, the best weekends have no photographic evidence :-)


  4. Ah, you went out in my fav part of london, and had breakfast at Brew!!! eek! how random! am your newest follower, found you from the KBG RT :) xx

    1. I am having serious withdrawals from that place! x


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