17 July 2012

bad times

Top - Topshop / Skirt - Primark / Belt - Topshop / Shoes - New Look

Don't let these photos fool you people. There I am without a care in the world, I had just finished my picnic in the car (yup, the car, as it was blowing a slight hurricane gale outside) which was scrummy by the way. We even treated ourselves to a 99 just so we could close our eyes and pretend that we were sitting in our swimming cossies and lapping up the summer sun (this is what it has come to Mr Sun) anyway, only a few hours later I discover that I am in fact allergic to cats. WHAT? How did this happen? I have been around cats my whole life, I even had one for a bit, and suddenly I have the itchy eyes, runny nose and rashes. So help a brother out? How could this happen? One day later and I still look like I’ve been poked in the eye .Damn kitten.

update - I made the mistake of going to my friends house the day after who has FOUR cats, yes four. Silly mistake as I have just spend the last 3 days getting over it. Gunky, red eyes and a constant runny nose is not a good look my friends.


  1. this outfit is so beautiful <3 i really like this skirt and those pictures. you're so beautiful.
    honey, would you like to follow me back? I really care of your opinion.

    1. Thanks for being so sweet! I am heading over there now...


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