25 July 2012

out and about

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I LOVE Brighton in the summer. It was another gorgeous evening so we went for a stroll down the seafront, and had to go onto the pier for the first time this year, for fairground games, donuts and to end the night watching the sunset from the beach.

I do believe I will be seeing you again this evening Mr beach.


  1. Lovely photos :) it's things like this that really remind you how beautiful this country can be when the sun shines x

  2. Great photo's I absolutely love Brighton - wish I lived there!! xx

  3. omg take me there please <3

  4. Your pictures are soo beautiful, especially the last two!! How do you do that??

    1. thank you! I can only thank my camera and the beautiful colours of the sunset. No editing done on these pictures, just natural beauty! x


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