23 July 2012

10 things

Dress - New Look / Shoes - Primark

Being able to wear a summer dress for the first time since I returned from Australia and NOT taking a jacket out, you know, just in case.
Eating homemade big macs, gossiping and watching baby videos with my little sister (my gosh was I bossy)
Spending an entire morning working my butt off at the gym, and loving it...
...But not loving it the day later. 45 minutes of kettle bells can really do a number on ya.
Being on Auntie and Uncle Duties for a full 24 hours! I take my hat off to all you mummies and daddies out there, it’s pretty full on.
Taking alternative driving routes through the countryside instead of the motorway and wishing that one day we might call ourselves country bumpkins.
Taking the kids to the farm and watching in delight at their amazement at all the animals (or am-inals according to the 2 year old)
Finding the energy to tidy the house top to bottom for our little guests, and wishing we could always keep on top of it.
Having my third allergic reaction of the week, due to handling the kid’s duvet cover, where the cat had previously been sleeping on. It is only just sinking in that I may not be able to stroke a cat again.
Finishing the weekend of with a traditional pub roast with friends (that’s what Sundays are made for, surely?)

How was everyone's weekend then?


  1. love that dress so much. very flattering. have just started reading your blog and i love it.

    E x


    1. thank you very much :) heading over to yours now x

  2. this dress is incredable lovely <3


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