16 February 2012


jeggings - New Look / Shirt - Topshop / Jumper - H+M / Watch - stolen from Si / Glasses - Karen Millen

This week just keeps getting better and better {apart from that little thing called work that just happens to crop up on a daily basis, cruelly taking up the majority of my day and ruining my lay ins *sigh*} but we have been making up for it in the evenings. First my amazing Valentines evening and the fact that I booked half a day off work to spend with Si, which really was just an excuse so I could use my new teapot {yes, an old school teapot with a spout, how could anyone not be impressed by that? okay only me then}
Moving on...

So last night we went to the amazing Ben Howard concert at a wonderful intimate venue in Brighton. To be honest I could have stayed at home and listened to my album, as I couldn't see him at all {thanks tall man, standing right in my face} and he sounded EXACTLY like the record. Okay, so obviously it was a million times better than staying at home, like a loser in my onesie, listening to the album, sipping on my warm ribena, in fact I was at a gig, a cool gig at that. I had a cider in my hand, and an annoying girl behind me that persisted in stating how much she loves him in a 'OMG, I love Justin Bieber, he is a god, ahhhh, marry me, ahhhhh' style every 5 minutes. So all in all, it beats the sofa at home.

p.s yes, I am in desperate need to get my roots done *ashamed face*

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  1. This is a really lovely look, very relaxed and lovely little bit of geek chic!

    Great work and the roots are still ok




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