22 February 2012

we should do this more often

how was everyones pancake day?

I literally couldn't wait to get started, so I got up at 6.30 and prepared pancakes for breakfast. Seriously one off the best ways to get you out of bed in the morning and to get your day started. I swear Si and I didn't even say a word to each other until we had scoffed it all down. We went for American pancakes, and although they might not look that pretty they taste A-MAZING. Check the recipe out here, and promise me that we should eat pancakes more often and not just once a year.
Who cheated then and bought a ready-made mix? or did you all make your own?


  1. aww those pancakes look so good!gotta check the recipe!



  2. I got a ready mix.. and I only had one.. you've put me to shame! All of the different fruits you had with yours looks amazing!!

    1. topped off with ice-cream! they where amazing!

  3. soo yummy. I had 8 pancakes! Haha i'm a pancake addict! Lovely blog.

  4. What a lush looking spread ... I completely forgot to make pancakes, so I must make up for it this weekend!!xx


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