3 February 2012

the mock turtle

Being Brighton born and bred you would of thought I had covered all grounds, and been to most places. Wrong. It is one of my resolutions to explore Brighton more, and find hidden treasures to share. I recently went to a lovely little cafe in the heart of Brighton, one I had heard of before, and thought I need to try this out. It goes by the name of ‘The Mock Turtle’ based in a prominent restaurant position it sits tucked away in a side alley for people to stumble across.

Quaint, vintage and small where my first impressions {if you have a buggy then this would be a no, no}
You are greeted with mountains of cakes, mish mash furniture and thousands of pieces of crockery {which kind of reminds me of my childhood spent in Holland}

The menu was little confusing. There was loadssss to choose from. What threw me were the sandwich choices; cheese, cheese and onion, cheese and tomato. Not much variety really, so we went for the afternoon tea with scones. It was perfect.

And the best thing? It only came to about 7 quid for both of us.  

So get your scone on and head down to ‘The Mock Turtle’ for some afternoon delights.


  1. this cafe looks fabulous, we had a similar style cafe in my hometown called Florence's. That afternoon tea looks amazing

  2. I love a nice afternoon tea! shame about the sarnies!

  3. Oh my! That little place looks divine, i'm only up the road from sunny Brighton so i'll keep an eye out for it next time i'm in town. Thanks :) x


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