7 November 2012

the girls


Us girls have been besties since the middle of High School (although the majority of us have known each other separately since we where 7) and over the years it has got increasingly harder to get us all together at one time. With some of us travelling, moving around the country and starting their own families it is very hard to get us together as a group of 8.
Last Saturday we finally managed to get everyone together, for one last time, and we have no idea when we will be all together again (which makes me sad) one lady is immigrating to New Zealand and another is going to live in Australia for a few years. These are the girls I grew up with, shared my secrets with and laughed and cried the hardest with. We made a promise that after school we would still be friends, and nearly 9 years on, we have all made the effort with summer holidays, weekends away, dinners and nights in, been there for one another when times were hard and had a right old laugh in the process. Although I know this isn’t the end, it feels like a new era is upon us, and I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years will bring.
Until the next time....
Love you all


  1. This is my favourite post ever x

  2. Even though I look disabled x

  3. this is so sweet, im like this with my school friends too x


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