21 September 2012

to the weekend

We have nearly made it to the weekend friends, not through trying to make the week go quicker.  (Which my advice would be, to just forget about the weekend, and it soon comes quick enough) My weekend looks a little like this. Decorating, pizza, farmers market, decorating, rugby (watching, not playing) friends, take-away, boot-sale, decorating, baking and a home-made roast.
I am taking inspiration from pinterest again, as to cut a long story short, we are staying put in our house for another 2 years (at least) so It’s time to get the paintbrushes out again, and spruce up the place. So if you need me I will be the one listening to One directions new song on repeat, and learning this dance routine. Oh, Talking of cute things and paint.  
Happy weekend guys!

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