20 September 2012

Happy Birthday {to my blog}

(unfortunatley this isn't my picture, as I didn't have time to make a cake. Maybe tonight though?)


It was one year ago today, I jumped into the big, bad blogging world. It’s been a journey, and I am still trying to find my feet. I {think} I have loved every minute of it. Some weeks I totally lost my rhythm, and didn’t really see the point, but the majority of the time I have enjoyed documenting my adventures, travels, style and ramblings. I have loved stretching my creativity, and practicing my photography {although I still have a long way to go} so I hope to improve on what I have built already.
Of course I have to thank all you lovely people that have joined me along the way, and there is nothing better than reading your comments, and getting to know people through the blogging world.

So THANK YOU again for joining in. To those that have been there from the start and to all the newbies. :)

p.s If I have time tonight I may just make a proper cake, and then eat it all to myself.

p.p.s if you want to start from the beginning, then here you go


  1. Happy Blog Birthday! Just flicked back to your old posts - did you ever manage to post the recipe for the single cupcake?! Love me some cheeky late night munchies! Cx

    1. ahh, I actually haven't on this site, but I have posted the same recipe on another site I have been working on. So head on over here- http://alliumb.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/allium-b-kitchen-classic-cupcakes.html
      So enjoy

      Suzi x

  2. happy blog birthday!!

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

  3. happy blog birthday :) Have enjoyed many of your posts :) xx

  4. aww yeah! happy birthday to you (r blog)!
    Well done indeed, I think I must be about a year old too (blogwise obviously!) I should really go check! here's to another year!!

  5. Happy belated one year! I just started my blog and remembered you featured a ring of mine from my Etsy shop.I Love your blog!

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