27 September 2012


Forgive my lack of post this week friends. I’m going to be honest and tell ya that I have spent the week in Si’s old clothes, as I have been painting up a storm in the house, a white storm. I may have pinterest to blame for it, but since we have found out we are staying put for at least another 2 years I am determined to get the house finished pronto, so we can enjoy it all before we sell (if we sell, who knows?)

So it’s Thursday. I have one white room ready to be made homely and the rest of the house a tip, as I can never seem to just start one job at a time. I could win a medal for the amount of projects I’ve started, and got bored half way through, to then start another. I’m a nightmare.
Happy Thursday people (one more day to go, one more day to go goooo)
p.s this picture is of the gorgeous Brighton lanes early one sunny morning (my favourite place)


  1. I love white walls too, it looks so nice and homely... Happy painting! :)

  2. Love Brighton...and this picture is gorgeous!


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