3 December 2012

a festive evening

I love me some Christmas over here, so I couldn’t wait to go and get the tree and get cracking with the decs. After waiting patiently all day Saturday (or not so) for Si to finish work, we ran out of time, so we spent Sunday afternoon searching for our perfect little tree. For some reason we passed a cute little area, at the side of the country road selling trees, and headed straight for B&Q, where I immediately felt guilty for giving my money to them, and not the little business on the side of the road. So I have given myself a mental slap, and have promised myself that I will not do the same next year. (Promise)
We spent the evening hanging fairy lights, watching Elf and talking about how we just can’t wait to Christmas this year. That’s right, I have officially turned Si into a Christmas lover, and I couldn’t be more excited to spend it together again.

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