24 August 2012

this is not a review

I’m not one for writing reviews, or really caring enough for reviews. I don’t even care for make-up (even though I do wear it) but I find it the bane of my life, and I hate the thought of parting with my hard earned cash, over make-up. Even though, like I said, I wear it daily and appreciate that I need to, and like to wear it, but I still don’t care enough to worry about it. If you where to look at my make-up bag, it doesn’t consist of much, a broken blusher, years old bronzer, foundation and mascara, and if I had to pick one make-up item I couldn’t live without, that would have to be mascara. I don’t lash it on, but I feel pretty ugly without it, so that would have to be my must have item. And then the pink cow jumped over the invisible tractor. Sorry just checking you where still with me! SO, the point of this is. The time had come were I was scraping away at the sides of my mascara tube, and had that dread that I had to go out and part with money to buy some black gunk. I also feel this way with jeans. I don’t know why, but I hate buying jeans, and that’s probably why you will find me in 1 pair all year. If it where up to me, jeans would be free, or we would all get jeans vouchers from the government or something, OR, jeans would be banned, and no one was allowed to wear them. So yes, I still haven’t got to the point. I had basically run out of mascara, and went to the shops on my lunch break to buy the dreaded item. I don’t normally have a preference to which one I chose, and I suppose I like the idea of trying as many out as I can (as I am still not positive I have found the 'one' yet) I normally go for the normal ones, instead of the latest offerings, but for some reason I picked up the pink tube, which screamed  SCANDALEYES – SHOW OFF’ at me. It was also on offer, for a fiver. Done.

I took it home, un-wrapped its newness and looked forward to having big scrummy lashes in the morning. I pulled out the stick for the first time, all fresh and clean, took an impressive glance at the wand, and thought, this is going to be good, real -real good.



In fact it was so bad, I just had to tell you, and stop you wasting your money. Since using it I have been on their website and seen that the product is new, and this is their description of the product.
~The first mascara that combines lash plumping and defining bristles with a unique play-ball brush.(yes the wand looked impressive, but by what means do they have the right to describe a bristly brush as ‘lash pumping’ sorry Rimmel, but we are not fooled)

~Flat side plumps lashes with show-stopping volume.
(NO pumping took place, and certainly no volume occurred)

~Not a clump in sight.
(MANY a clump in sight)

~Ball side lifts and curls lashes for eyes that truly show-off.
(Does no such thing, and it doesn’t even have the excuse of looking pretty)

~Flake-proof, smudge-proof formula lasts morning to night!
(HAHAHA, it flaked from the minute I put it on, and when I looked in the mirror later in the day, it was smudged all under my eyes)

~Scandalous volume and lift, for lashes to really show off !
(I can show off, how BAD this mascara is)

So the conclusion is people. DON’T BUY THIS MASCARA. It will ruin your life, I just can’t quite get over it...but I did eventually.

The end.


  1. I have this mascara, and I have to say I think it's wonderful!
    I have to disagree with what you've said here, it gives me really long full lashes and I'm really impressed with it! Wouldn't fault it at all and the price of it you can't complain with!

  2. Sadly I have already parted cash for the same mascara and completely, completely agree. Never used a brand new mascara that clumped so much!

  3. I took a mascara back to Boots a couple of years ago because it acted like this one. Different brand, but same result. The ladies at the till looked surprised that I'd bother trying to return a mascara, but I had the receipt and when I explained that it did the exact opposite of what it claimed, they gave me my money back and were actually kind of grateful to me for my non-recommendation!

    1. love this, not sure if I would have the guts though!

  4. I had same problem with is mascara too!!! I got it last week. It thought this is the one Tanya Burr recommended on Youtube. However, it isn't the best mascara, very disappointed about it.
    I wish saw your post earlier.




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