15 August 2012

some of late

Not much has been going on these ends i'm afraid. Just pretending to do house work, and depressing over the loss of constant supply of Olympic action. So I thought I would fill you in, in picture format.

I get to wake up to this guy every morning, which of course Is a bonus

Brighton in the summer time

Strawberries for lunch

Finally getting to the cinema to watch The Dark Knight
(yes, it was amazing)

Seafront drives

Friday night bike rides

and catching the sunset

sushi for lunch

and my new fitness purchase

I am about to im-bark on a 60 day fitness challenge of hell. It comes from the states, and is an extreme fitness programme, and not for the faint hearted. So wish me luck, and I will keep you posted on the progress.


  1. Oh such lovely pictures <3 Love them.

  2. this is incred, love the photos
    Great post, thanks for sharing!

    if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
    let me know!

  3. That 60 day fitness challenge of hell sounds absolutely terrifying. I'm intrigued! How is it going? All the best and good for you! X

    1. It is very tough, but I need it to push it to my limits! I can feel the benefits already (apart from the sore muscles) I will probably post about my progress!


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