8 May 2012

counting the days

Jacket - Zara (similar)
Top - H&M (similar)
Jeans - New Look
Shoes - Faith (similar)

I have to confess, I struggled big time to get out of bed this morning. One extra day off and you are sent into total holiday mode. I must say three day weekends should become law, it makes total sense. And while we are at it, siestas should be obligatory and everyone should finish early on Fridays. ‘Suzi for Prime Minister I say’
So on a non political note how was everyone’s weekend? It rained non-stop down in these ends, and as we are quickly approaching our holiday, we mostly stayed in and played the ‘let’s not spend any money’ game. {It’s a tough game though}
But only 8 days till my holiday, EIGHT DAYS, 8 days. 8888888.


  1. you look lovely. i'm jealous you going to Australia, but have a wonderful time, bring home so many photos to share with us :D



  2. I'm hook! Ye blog is great. Folllowing u !hope u come by?



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