5 December 2011

secret santa

So the lovely Laura over at keepinghealthygettingstylish came up with a lovely little idea to get us all into the spirit of Christmas. A Blogger Secret Santa of course. A simple idea of registering your details {with Laura} and then she gives you a random blogger to buy for, and then a random blogger will buy for you.
I sent off my little package last week {to Leigh} and I received my {slightly larger} package this weekend. I was excited to see what I had received, as I couldn’t even remember what I had written down for my likes and dislikes {I do remember not being very helpful though}
I opened the box in anticipation and was greeted with loads of beautifully wrapped presents {I instantly thought how rubbish my present has been} I discovered my package was from Annette over at cookiecrumbsandcarrotsticks and was delighted to see that she was a new blogger too. After trawling through her blog it revealed she was a big foodie {like me}, which explained some of my lovely gifts.

My gifts included,
*Yankee candles with gorgeous holders {perfect for my living room}
*Local Shortbread {I can’t wait to dunk them in my tea} leading nicely on to my Teapigs...popcorn and Chocolate flake teabags {how exciting}
*Yummy nibbles {spicy Moroccan seed and nut crackers and Mango pieces}
*Gingerbread {yummy, yummy looking gingerbread}
*Shortbread cutter and beautiful Christmas tree decorations all the way from Bruges {I am a lucky lady}

Oh and not forgetting the Christmas cracker {which I am saving for another day}
My new decorations where placed on the tree straight away, and when I get home from work tonight I will finally have time to indulge in some naughtiness in front of the TV {gingerbread men you have been warned}
So I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Annette for brightening my weekend, introducing me to some new things and making my tree look personal and pretty. I hope you received as thoughtful a present and have a wonderful Christmas {and keep up the blog, you make my mouth drool with all your food pictures}




  1. So glad you like it :)

    I like that the crackers suggest that they are to be served with red wine! My kinda cracker!

    Stay cozy

  2. I just received my parcel today!(I think it has been here a day or two but I've not been at home) Thank you so much! I love the penguin, it's so cold at the moment so it's definitely going to be put to use. And I absolutely love new stationary but I haven't decided what the books will be for yet hehe. I'm glad that you were my secret santa because I've now discovered your blogs, your photos are amazing! Thanks for cheering up my week xx

    Also, not sure why you can't follow me. What do you use to follow blogs?

  3. What an awesome secret santa gift!! Love it!


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